3 human psychology tips to boost the success of your PPC ads


Understanding a buyer’s mentality is the goal of every PPC company. Writing ad copy which is not only enticing, but also taps into the psychology of buyers, makes for some of the most clickable ads. 95.3% of all clicks go to the top four Google search results, with those clicking on PPC ads 50% more likely to buy compared to those clicking on organic search terms. So here are three tips on using psychology to boost the success of your PPC ads:

Give them a solution

Customers are more interested in learning how your product or service can help fix their problem than about the history of your company. Buyers take to Google because they have an issue and they’re seeking a solution. Browsers come to read.

So get inside the heads of your customers: what are their problems? What are they looking for? How does your product or service solve this?

Then tailor your ad to focus on this problem. Use emotive language to develop a reaction in your readers and remember to make it personal. Using ‘you’ and ‘we’ gives your ad a human element by developing a conversation with the customer.

Build trust

Online shopping is still a risky business for most buyers. From issues surrounding quality to concerns over delivery times, buyers need to be able to trust you before they’re willing to sacrifice both their money and their time in clicking on your ad.

Your ad needs to alleviate their fears. Customer reviews and testimonials can increase sale conversion rates by 270%, and buyers will always regard reviews from third-party sources more highly than a company raving about their own products or services.

Create a sense of urgency

There’s nothing like ‘limited availability’ or an offer that’s ‘ending soon’ to steal a buyer’s attention. It all comes down to the psychology of the human brain, which regards exclusivity as a sign of higher quality.

Be wary, though, of falling into the trap that’ll brand your company as just another pushy PPC agency: clickbait. This is a guaranteed way of losing a buyer’s trust. Instead, your ads should include a definite call to action.

The ads with the highest click-through rates actually fall into the travel and hospitality sector. Think of their ‘limited time deals’ and ‘Summer offers’ and it’s easy to see why. Their taglines are engaging and often hold elements of shock-factor, which encourages buyers to read them again.

Implement creative language into your wider PPC strategy and see how buyer’s psychology can improve the conversion of your upcoming PPC ads. Contact novi.digital to discuss your PPC ad requirements.

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