8 quick tips for improving SEO ranking


Ranking your website on search engine result pages may sound difficult at first, but with the following tips, you can boost your rankings to stay ahead of your competitors.

Page load speed

Any reputable SEO agency will advise you to work on your site’s loading speed before doing anything else to improve the website’s ranking. To minimise your bounce rate, you want to ensure your web pages take less than 3 minutes to load. Be sure to optimise image sizes, minimise redirects, and reduce the number of plug-ins on your site.

High-quality content

A good SEO strategy should include tactful content creation and management. Use content that will encourage your visitors to stay longer on your website. Sites that offer fresh and useful information to web users tend to rank better on Google.

Outbound links

Creating content enables you to link your site to authority sites that provide relevant information to your readers. Linking out to trusted sites will improve your SEO ranking because these links send trust signals to search engines.


Post content that is easy to read and comprehend. Your readers will click away as soon as they start reading your content if it is too difficult to understand.

Although Google’s ranking algorithm is still a big secret, many SEO experts believe that the search engine considers readability when ranking websites.

Header tags

Formatting your content properly will improve your website’s UX (user experience). It will enable readers to easily find what they’re looking for. Use header tags to arrange your text into readable sections.

Different multimedia

Aside from text, you should use slideshows, videos, audios, and images to enhance the user experience. According to The Guardian, videos encourage visitors to spend more time on a site. Consult an SEO agency to learn how you can optimise your pictures and videos.

Using key phrases for your image file name, for example, can make your content more relevant to search engines.

Mobile optimisation

Nowadays more and more people are consuming content on their phones. Therefore, it’s imperative that you optimise your site for mobile devices to improve your site’s conversions, UX, and search engine rankings.

Ask the professionals

A trusted SEO consultancy agency can help you rank your website without too much hassle. Contact Novi Digital for effective and professional SEO management services.

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