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Amazon Ads Management

Why Amazon Ads Management? An extension of the e-commerce platform, Amazon Ads has established itself as a powerful advertising platform. At, we have managed millions in ad spend across a range of successful Managed PPC campaigns, including Amazon Ads. Amazon now has an e-commerce market share of over 37%! This is why it is important to not get lost in an ocean of products. This is where Novi can help you. As a data and results-driven agency, we manage and optimise ROI for our clients. From CTR to CPA, we improve campaigns from day one.

Confused by Amazon Ads, let us explain the definitions to you…

What are Amazon’s Sponsored Products?

Amazon Ads is an integrated advertising platform that allows audience targeting with product, brand, video, or remarketing ads. With ads placed directly within an online retail environment, this can be incredibly effective. As experts in PPC on Amazon, we will work to determine which of the Amazon Ads options are best for you.

What are Amazon Product Ads?

Sponsored products are the most well-known advertisement option available within Amazon Ads. This kind of ad campaign means that your products are placed on the first page of relevant Amazon searches. Unlike many PPC product adverts, sponsored ads are almost indistinguishable from organic product listings. Sales are also aided by directing potential customers straight to your product page. These ads are so effective that they provide an average conversion rate of 9.47%. This is significantly higher than the average e-commerce conversion rate of 3% across platforms/industries.

As a PPC ad, Sponsored Products only require you to pay when your ad is clicked by potential customers. The more competitive your bid, the higher the chance of your product being displayed when it matches a customer’s search query. With Amazon Ads providing users with an average CTR of 0.36%, this platform can be a quick way to build up reviews and place higher organically. At, we are experienced at generating sales with an ROI for each product through competitive bidding.

How do I get started with Amazon Advertising?

  1. Choose which of your products you would like to advertise.
  2. Decide which keywords you would like to target along with your budget.
  3. Launch and monitor your campaigns.

How else can I advertise within Amazon?

While sponsored product ads are the most popular type of PPC campaign within Amazon, there are other options available.

What are Sponsored Brands?

Sponsored Brand ads are a feature within Amazon Ads that allows you to feature your brand logo, a custom headline, with up to three products. This kind of ad is useful for businesses looking to build up brand recognition while also increasing individual product sales. Like Sponsored Product ads, you will only pay whenever a potential customer engages with your product. This kind of ad is ideal for those that would like to use Amazon as a starting point to build trust and obtain direct traffic to your store. 

What is Sponsored Display?

This Ad format utilises machine learning and automation to optimise your campaigns. Bids will adjust automatically based on the likelihood of conversion, while still allowing you to pause your campaign when required. This means that you will never bid more than you have chosen to. This tool also allows you to reach audiences that have previously shown an interest in categories related to your product or your particular product. This aspect is known as remarketing. All sponsored display ds are also generated on a cost-per-click basis. This means that you only need to pay whenever a customer clicks on your ad. For this kind of ad3, we collect extensive data on metrics such as page views, add to cart, and more so that we can target audiences with precision.

What are Amazon Video Ads?

For businesses that have had some high-quality video ads produced, Amazon can be a useful platform to use them. When compared with other forms of Amazon Ads, videos can be more expensive per click. When placed and optimized effectively, however, they can be a remarkable tool for developing brand and product awareness. Videos give potential buyers a more real-world view of your product. When pursuing this kind of ad campaign, it is important that videos are used effectively. That’s why our years of PPC experience is fundamental to creating a strategy that gets results. 

At, our Amazon Ads Management service will be tailored to your business specifically. It may be that you require only one type of Amazon ad format or a combination. Perhaps you have only 10 products or thousands. In either situation, we will work with you to ensure that we get the best results possible.

Specialists in PPC (including Amazon Ads)

We have worked at the forefront of the digital marketing sector for over 10–years. During this time, we have proven ourselves to be experts in all areas of PPC. This is because, as an agency, we have carried out our own industry-leading research and developed software exclusive to our services. These tools help us optimise adverts accurately by utilising relevant data.

Fundamental to our software is our search term analysis tool, Forager, which helps us understand what your customers are searching for and where best to place your ads. We then call upon our bid optimisation tool, Metronome, which predicts when will be the best time to bid. To help ensure that ads have as high an ROI as possible, we use perhaps our most well-known piece of software, Captivise. Using Captivise, we are able to set each bid to margin, ensuring profitability.

Central to our use of these tools are a number of important metrics:

  • Increased revenue and profit.
  • Improved review ratings and brand health.
  • Streamline customer service.
  • Reduced cost-of-sale.
  • Fix and update product feed.
  • Improved Click-Through Rating (CTR).

Our Amazon Ads Management Deliverables

Here are some of the key deliverables that you can expect from our Amazon Ads Management service.

Optimised Product Listings

Before beginning your Amazon Ads campaign, we will first look at each of your products to determine whether there are any areas that could be improved. This begins with category optimisation to ensure that all products can be found in appropriate areas on Amazon. We then review product images and content so that they are optimised and of high quality. This stage is carried out by reviewing your competitors to see what the industry trends are and what could be done to stand out from the crowd. We will also make sure that each product’s titles and descriptions include researched keywords so that they appear in a wide range of relevant search queries.  

Upload and Promotion Management

Once products have been reviewed, we will then carry out a bulk upload for you. If you already use an e-commerce platform on your website, we will do this by generating a feed. If not, we will upload products as CSV files by entering the data of your products. Aside from managing which of your inventory is on Amazon Ads, we will also advise and oversee promotional campaigns where appropriate. This will be done by identifying trends or opportunities that would be best assisted with product offers. These can be done either for your entire inventory to bring attention to your brand, or for products individually to increase sales.

Reporting and communication

Communication is fundamental to any successful marketing campaign. That’s why we include regular tailored reports for your campaign that highlights the metrics that are important to your goals. We understand that marketing jargon and data can often be difficult to grasp initially which is why we will always talk you through anything that isn’t completely clear. We have found that the best progress is made when we are on the same page as our clients which is why we will do our best to help you understand all areas of your campaign. Usually, this will be done over email but we are always just a phone call away for things that need to be addressed quickly.   

Things to consider

To help make sure we hit the ground running with your campaign, it is worth having a good idea of some fundamental details. This will help us create a campaign that works well for you and is fully-costed. When beginning our Amazon Ads Management service, we will send over a questionnaire that covers a lot of the most important areas but here are some other factors that should be considered:

  • Budget – How much you are willing to spend will play a significant role in a campaign. Being clear on this from the outset will allow us to focus our efforts efficiently.
  • How many products or ads – It may be that you would like to improve sales for a specific range of items rather than all of them. Having a rough idea of quantity will help us provide an accurate quote.
  • Type of Campaign – Amazon as a platform can be used to achieve a number of goals so being clear about these is important for consistency. A campaign that targets increased sales will be very different from one that aims to improve brand presence.
  • Type of Ad – This will largely depend on your campaign’s strategy but it is still useful to consider the different options available to you.
  • Conversion Rates – With Amazon Ads being a PPC platform, profit is determined by the balance between clicks and conversions. If it takes a significant amount of clicks to achieve a conversion, then we will need to spread your budget further to meet desired margins.

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