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While blogs may have begun as news outlets and information forums, they have developed over the years to become a key tool for businesses. There are many benefits to running a company blog, for example, blogs help to enhance a website’s SEO strategy, help a business to form better relationships with their clients and give a business industry authority. Blog content creation allows a business to engage with new and existing customers as topic ideas can be generated to appeal to a target market and made in a way that is accessible for the desired audience whether this be by infographics, white papers, videos or blogs.

Why is blog content creation important?

There are many reasons why blogging is important when it comes to creating content. It has been noted that content marketingcosts 52% less than traditional marketing’. For example, using a blog writing service will be significantly cheaper than hiring a new in-house employee to create content for you. Content writing services can also be used on an ad-hoc basis, meaning you can increase and decrease the volume of content you need intuitively. A recent study revealed that 61% of online purchases are the direct result of a customer reading a blog, revealing that blogs are powerful tools for businesses to use. Not only can you use a blog to promote your own products and services, but you can also use it to post affiliate links and promote companies that complement your own. Blogging is a great way to get your company message out into the world. If you commit to blogging regularly, you should receive large engagement from your audience which can potentially lead to sales whilst also keeping down your overall marketing costs. Creating content can help a company raise its brand profile whilst also improving its SEO ranking for keywords.

Blog content creation strategy

At, before we begin creating content for your blog, we work with you to expertly devise a content creation strategy. This ensures that any content we do produce for you truly engages with your audience and has measurable, positive effects. First, we establish the main goals of your blog content. Whether your goals are to generate increased traffic to your website or improve your brand authority, we will tailor a plan to your unique goals and requirements. Next, we establish who your buyer persona is. It is essential that all content on your blog is tailored to your specific audience. Your target customer should not only be interested in your blog – they should emote and feel truly engaged with your content. Our in-depth research and discussions with your company can help you better understand your target consumer. Not only do we help establish your buyer persona, but we also develop the buyer journey. It is essential that your blog plays a key role in the buyer journey and produces content that supports a customer at each stage of their purchase. The final stage in our strategy development is to complete a content audit. We will take a look at all the content that has already been created by your brand and analyse how it could be improved or replaced. If you have never posted blog content before, we will use your webpages as a starting point for our audit.

Blog content creation process

There are five main steps that make up the process of creating the best content for your business.

Research for blog posts

Prior to creating any blog content, the team will conduct thorough research into what topics your audience would like to see covered. For example, we can develop a list of questions that your audience frequently ask, look at content that has proven to be popular with your audience and consider any innovative ideas that could make your blog the best in your industry. Undertaking keyword research will also help to enhance your website’s search engine ranking. This research can tell us the volume level a keyword currently has and whether it is a good option to go after. Ensuring that your blog is credible is important as this helps to build a company’s domain authority. Creating strong backlinks with other websites will also help your SEO and build blog credibility.

Organising blog content ideas

Research for your blog posts will then be formalised and organised into a blog content plan. For example, we can breakdown blog ideas into daily, weekly or monthly posts and outline the topic to be covered, keywords to be used and the tone of voice that the blog post must use.

The writing process

Our expert content writers will create content that directly appeals to your buyer persona. As well as this, we will use titles, meta descriptions and summarised paragraphs for SEO purposes, to help your content be seen by your desired audience. We can create truly unique blog posts to make your content stand out from your competition, whilst making sure that the same tone of voice is used throughout all writing. We will also break down the content so that is is clear and easy for your audience to digest.

Edit, edit, edit

If you have written a post for your blog in-house that you would like to be published, we can proofread and edit it for you before it goes live. This will ensure that all blog posts have the same tone of voice and will ensure the copy has been optimised for SEO.

Upload and publish the content

We can manage your blog and upload and content for you. This ensures that you can benefit from having a professional, optimised blog without having to deal with any technicalities or time-consuming processes. On the back end of your blog, we can add in widgets to ensure your blog is search engine optimised and has a high readability score. As soon as you are satisfied with the content we can either hit the publishing button straight away or schedule a post to go out at a certain time, depending on your preferences and when you think a customer is most likely to read. We also recommend that you connect your blog with your social channels. This will help to promote your blog and increase the likelihood that it is seen by your target audience. We can help you develop further ways to promote your blog if desired, such as PPC ads. As experts in digital marketing and content creation, we will ensure your blog is promoted and seen in the most effective way possible.

The next step

At we work around a three-step cycle over a three month period: analyse, action and maintain. Allowing this length of time helps us to change our blog writing strategy based on the data we receive from published blog posts.


As part of the analysis, we will start with a questionnaire to establish the goals and methodology of your company. After we retrieve this information, we will consult with you about any specific needs to meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the message that your business is wanting to project and your branding. We truly get to know your business on a personal level as we believe this allows us to create blog content that thoroughly engages with your audience.


Based on our research and the information provided by your company, we then create an action plan based on how to best achieve your company goals. This usually focuses on using any established data from your website, who your target market is and the content we need. A combination of these considerations will help us to make the data-driven decisions that are best for your business.


Onto the final stage – maintaining the process. We will monitor the performance of the changes that we have implemented. We will then look into the data that we have gained to see how we can move onto develop the strategy further and make sure that we are taking every opportunity available for your business. For more information on our blog writing services and blog content creation then please feel free to call us on 0207 100 6069 or email us at [email protected]. Make sure to waste no time and talk to our experienced and knowledgable team today to get your blog journey started.