Case Study: Insuro

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. is an insurance comparison website providing insurance comparison options for over 50 different types of insurance, from generic home and car insurance through to cover for specialist items like ice cream vans and horseboxes.

Insuro have been a client for both PPC and SEO services since the website began trading in 2011.

What Was the Problem?

When the client came to us, Insuro was just an idea which needed developing, with a structure to be designed and put into place and a strategy there to bring it to fruition.

We worked with Insuro to develop a design and content plan for the website and to market it through SEO and PPC. The initial PPC spend was low, but has risen steadily over time and currently stands at around 100 times the original budget.

Insuro say, We knew what our end goal was, but our overall starting budget was low. We built a plan with novi for sustainable growth and had to start small, but results began to show immediately.

novi have had a hand in most of our design decisions, always offering helpful advice without trying to run our business for us.

How Did We Resolve It?

We met with Insuro to get a clear understanding of their requirements and the aims and goals of the website and business. At this meeting we laid out short-term and long-term benchmarks for success in real terms, which we stayed focused on throughout.

We started researching the market for insurance comparison, using data gathered from multiple tools to develop a clearer picture of what our campaigns would need to do.

We were able to design and build content in connection with the PPC campaigns so that the two could strongly support one another.

Having discussed the ideal conversion rate from visitor to comparison to lead with the client we were able to set a specific target CPA which was used to improve our ongoing PPC.

Throughout this process we were accumulating additional data and we were able to run our Keyword Evaluation Model, establishing the respective performance of words within targeted search phrases and better improve campaign focus.

Over time, we’ve developed enough data that most of the PPC work is now done through a tool called Captivise.

What Does Captivise Do?

Captivise automatically reviews keywords and either decreases CPC, increases CPC, makes no changes or pauses the keyword.

Captivise can efficiently automate and resolve most major adjustments needed once a PPC account is up and running, though additional keywords still need to be addressed manually as do changes in site structure.

Insuro say, After years working together, when novi proposed we take part in the trial for this new tool, we were happy to agree. The results have been impressive, and novi have used the time freed up by these automated tasks to expand the scope of the work they do for us.

What Were the Outcomes?

As a result of steady work over a period of years, PPC budget has increased a hundredfold while still turning a profit. Insuro has risen to be one of the better known and recognised comparison sites, with an increasing volume of searches relating to the term ‘Insuro’ and brand interest becoming stronger.

Site performance has improved, with greater engagement metrics for visitors, and we have improved our client’s share of search impressions relative to the available market.

Insuro say, We’ve been working with novi for six years now and we’ve nothing but positive things to say. They helped us crystallise an idea into a commercial venture and they’ve stood by us and helped that venture grow year on year. We see ourselves using novi for a long time to come.

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