Case Study: Mainstage

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Mainstage Ltd manufacture and sell theatre staging, audience seating solutions, stands and accessories to theatres, schools, event venues, churches and many other clients.

The company is known for offering custom pieces to complement their modular systems and for working with its clientele to design products to handle any individual issues.

What Was the Problem?

When Mainstage came to us they were looking to improve their online presence and help potential customers to find them. They were concerned that the two websites they had active might be confusing customers about their brand identity.

During initial discussions, we identified that their primary site’s use of a low-level domain was also hurting their credibility. We worked with them to create and implement a migration plan to merge their two sites and bring them across to a better domain.

Mainstage say: At Mainstage we manufacture a range of staging and seating systems, and with the help of experienced web agency (formerly known as SEO24/7) we have managed to solve a branding issue, which could have posed serious complications if not dealt with in the correct manner.

The issues began from having two websites – one of which was Mainstage’s main site and the other which endorsed their popular staging brand, Topdeck Systems.

The primary issue we encountered included a breakout of confusion as to who our customers perceived us as – were we Mainstage or Topdeck?

All things considered, Mainstage and novi had to make a decision to rectify these problems.

How Did We Resolve It?

Figure 1 and 2

The website migration was successful, with 301 redirects implemented to help existing customers find them again and preserve their online profile. We also took their Pay-Per-Click campaign in hand, creating a data-driven revamp which cut costs while increasing conversions.

To the left you can see two graphs showing both conversions – contact form submissions to the company triggering ‘goals’ – and the rate at which visitors converted increased over the same period considered in consecutive years.

We also revised content and customer flow across the website, increasing user engagement with a positive effect on both organic and PPC traffic.

Mainstage say: To eliminate any confusion breaking out, we liaised with the novi team on numerous occasions to develop strategies and to problem-solve any issues arising from the migration.

The migration itself was performed by experts to ensure a seamless transition without any repercussions.


What Were the Outcomes?

Ultimately the new site was completely transformed, having been steadily overhauled and revamped with an eye to easing the customer journey. This makes for more engaged users and, in connection with the other changes made, makes for a site which search engine algorithms find useful – which makes for many more visitors, as you can see in the graph to the left.

Figure 3

During this time, we kept in close contact with Mainstage, creating new content for the site to support their expansion plans, catering to more businesses in the UK and beyond.

Mainstage say: had managed to outdo themselves once again. The website started to generate more leads and enquiries than ever before.

In addition to the boost in our organic traffic, Novi had revamped our PPC campaigns to function more effectively at a much lower cost while still increasing our conversions, visit duration and lowering bounce rates compared to previous years.


What’s Next?

Currently Mainstage are looking to expand overseas, with export strategies and marketing outreach high on the agenda.

We’re working with them to grow their online presence in each new country they open up, helping not just new customers but entire new markets to find them.

Figure 4

Once again, the metrics say it all; comparing the same period year on year you can see an incredible growth in new users, visitors discovering the site for the first time, and that trend in combination with an improved conversion rate makes for many more customers.

Mainstage say: We have easy access to and continue to meet on a regular basis, which is perfect for discussing and maintaining our online strategy.

We’re very happy with the continued success this company has helped us achieve, and look forward to continuing our great relationship with novi over the coming years.

We’ve begun working together to develop export strategies and they continue to tend to our website and digital marketing requirements.

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