Case Study: Parry and Welch Solicitors

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Parry and Welch Solicitors, formerly Parry Welch Lacey, are a Liverpool-based legal firm specialising in cases concerning dangerous dog legislation. They accept cases anywhere in the UK.

By focusing in this specialist area, they have established themselves as the premier experts in this field.

What Was the Problem?

Parry and Welch came to us because they had become dissatisfied with their previous digital marketing firm. They cited a lack of communication and an unwillingness to be proactive.

They wanted a digital marketing firm which would keep them up to date with their activity and which would carry out work because it would benefit them, not only because it had been specifically asked for.

PAWS say: “We wanted to be able to obtain cases from any part of the United Kingdom… We had another company doing SEO work for us. They were not reporting to us regularly about what they were doing and weren’t achieving our goals.”

How Did We Resolve It?

We began managing their PPC account and reviewed their site’s organic search performance to develop an SEO strategy. We knew they wanted to be found more easily by potential clients outside Liverpool and we refined both campaigns to widen their appeal and draw attention from elsewhere.

PPC - Click Trough Rate

We identified some fundamental issues with their Joomla site and worked to fix them.

We also began creating new content to reinforce PPC and optimise organic search results.

PPC - Average Position

At the same time, we stayed in close communication with the team at Parry and Welch to discuss their plans and ensure that the work we did would support their ongoing plans.

PAWS say: “They did a web-based analysis of our performance to date with our website. They suggested changes in our web text to incorporate more keywords to improve our ratings simply by altering those search terms. We changed the content because of our discussions with them.

We have also changed the structure to make it more user-friendly. They helped us with pay-per-click, which has been successful in generating many conversions that we wouldn’t have otherwise have had. We had never had a pay-per-click campaign before. This was a new venture for us.“

PPC - Conversion Rate

What Were the Outcomes?

We saw a much improved response from the PPC campaign in terms of enquiries. Building on the additional content targeting new areas across the UK, organic search has also improved, especially from visitors outside the Merseyside area.

We’ve begun discussing other ways to bring in new inquiries, checking in with them frequently to ensure our sights are on the right goal.

PAWS say: “This has led to an increase in conversions and inquiries from web-based products.

We have noticed a significant rise in business coming from England and Wales. They pulled up our web-based referrals by about 50%. It’s a good sign that ‘local SEO’ tactics are working because that’s not an area we would be otherwise known in or have any reach.”

What’s Next?

Parry and Welch’s reach has been greatly expanded, but our goal at present is to help them develop a truly national reach. Ultimately our goal is to continue to develop their business and help them build market share.

PPC - Average Cost Per Click

As part of their rebranding, Parry and Welch are exploring the idea of an additional website. We’ve been consulting with them on the best way to do ensure the migration is successful and that the results from our hard work and perseverance remain in place following the re-launch. We’re also working with their web design company to ensure that the website is built with page speed and UX in mind.

As with all our clients, we will ensure a clear and transparent communication by keeping in close contact with the team at PWS. As we believe that it’s crucial to success to continue sharing our findings with the PAWS team and continuing to evolve their strategies and campaigns.

PAWS say: “It has been a good collaborative process. They’ve shown a great deal of interest in us and in the work that we do. They have worked very closely with us to identify the right outcomes.”

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