Ebay Product Ad Management

More businesses are selling their products online than ever before, making it incredibly difficult to be seen on popular e-commerce sites. Our eBay Product Ads Management service helps tackle this issue. We will work with you to create a campaign for your listings on a per-product basis so that every ad is competitively placed with an optimal return on investment (ROI). As an agency, we have managed millions in ad spend across our range of PPC Management services. Find out how we can help develop your business’s presence on one of the biggest online retailers.

What are sponsored listings?

A sponsored listing is a product listing that has a competitive ad rate from upwards of 1% of the item’s final sale price. This listing will then appear at the top of relevant search results pages for increased visibility. Unlike CPC ad campaigns, this kind of sponsored listing will only charge you when someone buys your item. This can be incredibly useful for determining the most cost effective ad rates for each product that still works within your profit margins. 

What are the benefits?

Sponsoring your product listings on eBay fundamentally improves your business’s exposure and, ultimately, its sales. Here are just some of the key benefits of using eBay product ads.


Risk-free payment structure

Perhaps the most significant advantage of incorporating eBay’s Promoted Listings into your business’s marketing strategy is its payment structure. With these ads, you only pay when someone buys your product, meaning that there aren’t any unforeseeable costs.


Boost visibility

As an incredibly competitive e-commerce platform, it can be difficult to get your products seen on eBay without an already well-established seller page. When a product has a competitive enough ad rate, it will be featured at the top of search results.


Blend in

While with many tools, adverts are distinctly separated from organic results, eBay’s Promoted Listings are virtually indistinguishable from other products. This layout means that promoted products are viewed by audiences in a similar manner to other results.

Getting started

  1. Choose the listings that you would like to promote as ads on eBay
  2. Set the ad rate for each promoted product
  3. Launch, monitor and relist campaigns

How we help

At novi.digital, we are experts in all areas of PPC. Like our other services, our eBay Product Ads Management service has been developed with the primary aim of increasing sales and increasing organic traffic in the long term. Here are some of the key areas where we can assist your eBay Promoted Listings campaign.

Campaign strategy

Strategy is central to our eBay Product Ads Management service. We will carry out extensive research to determine which products in your inventory could benefit from being sponsored and which are doing great on their own. This is because a cost-effective strategy is equally about which sponsored listings are not necessary. We will work with you to determine your goals for each and every one of your products and build an in-depth time frame for your campaign.

Setting an effective ad rate

Budgeting is a vital component of our eBay Product Ads service. With the cost of an eBay product ad being a percentage of its overall sales price, it is important that this is set both competitively and with a focus on overall product revenue. At novi.digital, we will create a detailed catalogue of your products so that ROI is considered with every ad. Each product’s traffic will also be regularly reviewed to determine whether it still requires an ad or whether this budget could be better-spent on another listing.

Reporting and communication

Before beginning your eBay sponsored listings campaign, we will go through any existing sales figures with you and set some short term and long term key performance indicators. This could be anything from the average profit margin per sponsored product, to increases in organic sales. Once we have set these, we will send you regular reports that detail each product’s progress. Communication is a crucial part of this process which is why we will also discuss the campaign with you both over the phone and email.

Specialists in PPC

At novi.digital, we are innovators in all areas of PPC and SEO which is why we have carried out extensive academic research and developed our own software that can’t be found anywhere else. For our eBay Product Ads Management service, our proprietary software is most helpful for optimizing ad rates.

The first piece of software that we use within our eBay sponsored listings service is Forager. While this is normally used to find keywords to target in our other PPC services, it is still useful for writing titles and descriptions for products so that they appear as results for a wide range of searches on eBay. The other piece of software that we utilise is Captivise. This tool is particularly useful for eBay sponsored listings as it can quickly apply desired margins across a campaign, making every ad rate as profitable as possible.

Case Studies

We have worked with a wide range of clients across the years, from start ups to companies in the FTSE 250. Here are just some of the past successful campaigns we have overseen. 

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