Education, Exploration, Innovation

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novi: Education & Innovation in Digital Marketing believe in strong partnerships. We believe that digital marketing is at its best when it is allowed to develop into the long term, and we believe that for a client to allow that to happen, they should know what we’re doing to help them.

Educating the Client

Every digital marketing strategy we create is different; we listen closely to the needs and goals of our clients and we design and implement plans with those needs and goals in mind.

Because we recognise that our clients – our partners – deserve to know not only what we’re doing for them but why we’re doing it, and because we have faith in the strength of our relationships with them, we’re always happy to explain the logic behind every step we take on your behalf.

We have the expertise to analyse your position through concrete data and to develop plans; plans to raise your profile, plans to stimulate sales, plans to neutralise any problems you have.

And as we create those plans, as we implement them, as we return to the data to evaluate and update them, we work with you to make sure you understand what we’re doing and why, to listen to new initiatives from your side of the partnership and discuss how best to support them.

Exploring the Situation

The most important part of our relationship with our clients is listening closely and showing them that they can be open with us.

It’s important to us that we understand how we can best benefit our clients, and by staying in close contact with them, we not only learn their initial goals and concerns but see how those change over time – which allows us to update our plans.

Innovating for the Future

Over the course of your relationship with novi, the nature of the work we do for you may change many times, and for many reasons:

  • Your goals have changed, so our tactics adjust to achieve the new goals
  • With one phase of a long-term plan achieved, it’s time to implement something new
  • As the way the public uses the internet changes, new opportunities arise
  • Development of new technologies and software opens up new avenues

In every case, there is an opportunity to engage with the new, to innovate and pioneer new methods and approaches in order to give our clients the edge.

This is where novi really shine.  We take advantage of a solid foundation built on our understanding of the principles underlying digital marketing and our analysis of your data to launch new tactics and new strategies that ensure your business is always growing, always improving.