The Digital Marketing Firm Has Revamped its Internal Structure and Added New Colleagues to Provide a Stronger Service Continues to Expand into 2017, a data-driven digital marketing firm currently operating out of Lancaster University’s prestigious InfoLab21, has begun 2017 with a thorough analysis of its own situation and a series of decisions designed to provide an even stronger service to existing and new clients alike.

Creating the new roles of Data Researcher and Strategic Implementer, the firm has reorganised its internal structure to better harness our access to data on our clients and allow our Client Relations Managers to implement even more effective plans.

“As our client base expands, it’s important that we grow with them,” Managing Director Aaron Crewe said. “But as with everything else we do, it’s just as important to plan ahead, and to make sure that as we grow, we grow into the right shape.

“ is a forward-looking company, and we find it’s worth taking these moments to make sure we’re best set up to handle the coming year.

“I’m very glad that the team is growing – and very glad that our clients are growing in number and their needs are evolving enough to justify our expansion.” can be contacted here.




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