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How Pinterest Supports Digital Marketing

A prevailing trend at the (formerly SEO24/7) office is Pinterest. Clients are using it, staff are using it, and we’ve even got a company Pinterest page. We used to email each other with interesting and relevant work-related articles or infographics – now we pin them.

We’re not the only ones to have been caught up in the Pinterest phenomenon. A number of our clients have taken to the fastest growing social networking site to share their pics with over ten million monthly Pinterest users. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Woods Online– not much there now but soon to be overflowing with all kinds of undergarments from every day comfort to bridal.

Recommended for – brides, or anyone else looking for extra special undies.

  • So Interiors– loads of inspiration for home decorating, including many unique items difficult to find anywhere else.

Recommended for – furniture hunters.

  • Think Skins– showcasing some of the nicest skins from the Think Skins collection, and other cool tech.

Recommended for – geeks and tech addicts.

  • Lakelovers– some ‘Best of British’ scenery shots from the Lake District, including some of Lakelovers’ gorgeous cottages.

Recommended for – holiday planners, landscape photography lovers.

  • Scarlet Events– luxury Asian wedding planning at its finest, with shots of everything from venues to dresses to cakes.

Recommended for – brides, event planners, people seeking inspiration.

  • Brave Soul– never fall behind the times with fashion again if you follow Brave Soul. Keep up to date in style.

Recommended for – fans of fashion, the style police

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of different things you can find on Pinterest, from food to fashion, sofas to sunsets. Check it out now.