Mobile is growing! SEO for Mobile Websites is vital

The importance of mobile phones in modern society cannot be overstated. Every statistic and trend suggests that mobile is rapidly becoming the primary form of internet browsing, with some statistics suggesting that this has already happened! With this being the case, any website which ignores mobile internet is making a huge mistake.

40% Will Leave a Non-Mobile Website

40% of mobile internet users will choose to leave your site in favour of another result if yours is not mobile-friendly. This means that without a mobile-friendly site you could be losing a vast number of potential customers. Looking at the comparative conversion rates of mobile users to non-mobile users this becomes even worse, because:

70% of Mobile Searches Lead to Action Within 1 Hour

Whether it’s through direct conversions or the more common multi-platform usage of searching on mobile and buying on desktop, most users who search for a service on mobile will have taken action as a result of that search within an hour. If you miss out on 40% of these customers, you’re missing out on a whopping 28% of potential conversions.

Looking at the conversion statistics for mobile browsing makes the importance of mobile traffic even more apparent.

ByDevice - Mobile is growing! SEO for Mobile Websites is vital
Source: Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly (Q1 2014)

As we’ve already seen, mobile use is rising rapidly, with combined tablet and smartphone use making up more than 27% of all website visits in the first quarter of 2014, compared to just 20% in the same quarter the previous year.

Conversion rates are also following this upward trend, and when you take into account that many mobile searches lead to desktop conversions you can see how important it is that mobile users are able to find and use your site effectively.

SEO for Tablets and Smartphones

Novi.Digital have been observing this upwards trend for some time now, and thanks to embracing it early we already have years of mobile website and SEO experience under our belt. We especially focus on the increased conversion rates that mobile websites can create, and among our current clients, mobile has become an increasingly lucrative source of revenue, with excellent success rates.

How We Optimise for Mobile

We have a lot of specific techniques to optimise a website for mobile browsing, including increased functionality, readability and enhanced call to actions. Our content creation for mobile sites is also specifically geared towards increasing conversions and usability, focusing on improving the customer journey at every step while also encouraging positive action.

We even have specific techniques for mobile PPC which can help optimise your paid online advertising to attract more mobile users. A combination of mobile browsing and mobile PPC can see conversion rates skyrocket, especially if you haven’t used either before.

mobile-behaviour - Mobile is growing! SEO for Mobile Websites is vital

Upgrade Your Website to Mobile

If these statistics haven’t convinced you, then nothing will, but if you see the sense in upgrading your website to be more mobile friendly then get in touch with us now to hear how we can help you.

Infographic sourced from iAcquire