PPC B2B Lead Generation Services

PPC B2B Lead Generation Services


What are PPC B2B lead generation services?

PPC advertising involves paying to advertise on external platforms. Google Adwords is the most commonly used choice, displaying highly visible adverts at the top of Google search results. B2B PPC advertising specifically targets B2B leads and is likely to be much more specific and targeted than a B2B PPC campaign.

PPC allows you to capture B2B leads with efficiency, finding business customers who are actively looking for products or services like yours. B2B markets are undoubtedly smaller than B2C, so the opportunity for highly targeted marketing and the ability to identify users that are looking for businesses like yours has real value. PPC advertising allows you to efficiently reach the right markets regardless of how small they are.

• Lead generation encourages conversions
• PPC targets relevant audiences who need your services
• PPC gives you great control over your budget
• Only pay when a user clicks on your PPC ad

Novi.Digital can help you with PPC B2B lead generation services that effectively target the right B2B audiences and get your adverts noticed. We have a dedicated analysis tool that helps us to understand the terms that your target audience is searching for, and then identify where to place your ads to generate more high-quality leads that are likely to convert.

What PPC platforms are available?

Various PPC platforms are available that can positively impact the number of B2B leads you generate. Novi.Digital’s PPC B2B lead generation services have the expertise to identify the right platforms for marketing your business and develop a strategy that’s highly effective.

• Google Ads
• Bing Ads
• LinkedIn text ads – ranked as the top site for B2B lead generation
• Facebook advertising – primarily a B2C platform but useful if your industry has an active Facebook community

What are the benefits of PPC for B2B?

If your business isn’t already using PPC B2B lead generation services, it’s a strategy that’s well worth considering. Some of the advantages to using PPC for your B2B marketing strategy include:

• Faster traffic generation
• Find users that are already interested in products or services like yours
• High performing monitoring and tracking that offers genuine insight
• Control – control your spending and easily tailor your strategy to fit your goals

How do I develop an effective B2B lead generation strategy?

Effective PPC B2B lead generation services rely on a few steps that will help you get started with a successful PPC advertising strategy.

• Thorough research on keywords – understanding what your target market is searching for
• Know your content inventory – knowing what B2B content you have that can be repurposed
• Decide on the right PPC platform – choose options that support your goals
• Improve your copy – develop compelling ad copy that gets noticed
• Create landing pages – set up your website to facilitate leads or sales
• Put data tracking in place – carefully monitor your PPC ads to avoid ineffective campaigns
• Prioritise low cost, high-quality leads – direct your budget effectively

How do I set priorities for B2B PPC leads?

When starting your B2B PPC campaign, think about the buyer’s intent. Organising your strategy around this is an effective way to connect to potential customers. A smart approach is to initially focus on good quality leads that have the best conversion rates. The type of leads to think about include:

• Contact requests
• Appointment requests
• Requests for more details

Once the lead has been generated through PPC advertising, you can then focus on converting it into a sale. Our PPC B2B lead generation services can help you identify the right type of leads to focus on.

Why choose Novi.Digital?

We’re leaders when it comes to digital marketing and PPC advertising. Our specialists understand how to use PPC platforms effectively, and our exclusive software helps us to develop targeted and relevant PPC advertising campaigns that consistently generate high-quality B2B leads.

We’re committed to delivering a great ROI and increasing the profitability of your business, working with a few key metrics in mind:

• Higher revenue and profits
• Increased number of quality leads
• Greater visibility for your business
• More website traffic

If you want to achieve a greater number of high-quality B2B leads through targeted advertising, our PPC B2B lead generation services can help you to reach your goals. To discuss your requirements and find out more about how our digital marketing experts can support you with PPC services please contact us now.