PPC Management Services

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Experts in PPC Management for UK and International Businesses

PPC management is our core competency. Our team has experience in implementing and running a range of highly successful PPC campaigns. We’ve even spent millions on PPC ourselves. In recent years, we’ve managed a total spend of over several million.

What is PPC Management?

People often answer the question “What is PPC management?” by stating that it’s the process of managing pay-per-click advertisements that appear in Google’s search results, but this is only partially correct. This is because there are various other types of ad campaigns besides search ads that can benefit your business.

Managing PPC campaigns involves the careful monitoring and optimising of a variety of PPC ad campaigns regularly. This includes monitoring keyword performance, ad copy, and bidding strategies. PPC managers analyse campaign data to identify trends and make informed decisions to improve a campaign’s performance and increase ROI.

PPC management can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why many businesses choose to outsource it to a PPC management agency such as ourselves.

What is PPC Marketing and is there a difference?

While PPC marketing focuses on creating and running ad campaigns, PPC management is the process of managing and optimising these campaigns to improve their performance and maximise ROI. To answer the question of “What is PPC marketing?” in short, PPC marketing is setting up campaigns, while PPC management optimises them.

Here at Novi, we cover all aspects of PPC as part of our service.

Where should I begin with PPC Management?

If you are new to PPC, we can work with you to start from scratch. We will start by identifying the most suitable ad platforms for your business. We primarily work with Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Different platforms can benefit customers at different phases in their journey. For example, Facebook Ads can work well with consumers of low-price-point products, whereas Shopping Ads can work well for higher-ticket items.

Clients often approach us to improve the performance of established campaigns. We will begin by conducting a PPC Audit. This will help us establish quick fixes and ensure that tracking is working. With accurate tracking, we can rapidly establish data and improve performance. With our PPC management service, our main USP is our proprietary PPC management software Captivise. We’ve invested extensively in developing the platform. Through our collaborations with UCL and Lancaster University, we have created our algorithms to ensure effective PPC management.

What benefits come with your Google Premier Partner Status?

At Novi, our PPC team has each acquired Google AdWords certifications. We are also proud to be a Google Premier Partner. This entitles our agency to access Google’s premier agency support. Our contacts at AdWords provide us with insight, research and beta functionality to benefit our clients. This ensures that we can consistently achieve more with your campaigns than competitors.

Our PPC Management Objectives

We have a few fundamental principles by which we run most of our paid ad campaigns. These PPC management principles are designed to maximise your marketing budget and achieve ROI.

  • Increased Click -Through-Rates – by creating appealing ad copy and relevant keywords
  • Increased Conversion Rates – through targeted keywords and targeted landing pages
  • Lowered Cost‐per‐Click – by obtaining the highest quality scores and structured campaigns
  • Increased Exposure – through the use of a wide variety of targeted keywords
  • Increased Accuracy – by targeting the most relevant traffic for your pages
  • Improved Keyword Quality Score – to enable a reduction in cost-per-click and to achieve a higher average position

What do you offer in terms of a PPC Management Strategy?

Before we even start advertising campaigns, we will work through our questionnaires with you. This will help us establish your budget, aims and ad schedules. We will also ascertain whether you have specific wording that you would like us to include. We respect the fact that you know your audience and you know your customers. As such, we will work with your knowledge and supplement this with our research and analysis. This allows us to help transform your knowledge into a successful paid search marketing strategy.

We will work carefully with you to establish budgets and bidding for day-of-week, hours-of-day, devices and demographics.

Creating a successful paid marketing strategy requires time to understand your business and offers. Doing so can only create a list of viable search terms and targeted ads. We aim to provide you with a PPC campaign that sees an increase in ROI for your business. We will make your website a valuable sales tool through careful research and application of specifically targeted campaigns.

PPC Management Pricing

Our agency offers competitive PPC management pricing, tailored to the needs and budget of each client.
PPC advertising is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and drive conversions. However, managing PPC campaigns can be time-consuming and complex. By outsourcing the PPC management process to a professional agency, businesses can save time and effort, while also achieving better results.

Our team of expert PPC managers can handle everything from keyword research and ad copy creation to monitoring and optimisation. With our help, businesses can maximise their return on investment and achieve their marketing goals through effective PPC advertising.

What do you offer in terms of PPC Audits and Reports?

If you have a PPC campaign that you feel could be improved, we can help. We can give your campaigns a health check to provide a PPC Audit/Report as part of our PPC audit service. This PPC Audit/Report will give you an overview of the health of your campaigns and contain actionable insights to implement.

What do you offer in terms of PPC Consultancy and Training?

We can provide consultancy services if your business has an in-house team that manages your PPC campaigns. As with most clients, we are constantly offering advice and insights. Remaining available to answer questions, we ensure that campaigns are continuously refined.

If you want to upskill your existing team to manage your campaigns effectively in-house, we can help. We can work with you and your team to deliver a training plan around your needs. With each training programme, we will equip your people with the skills and knowledge they need to meet your goals and use budgets wisely.

What’s next?

The team at novi.digital is experienced in implementing and running highly successful PPC Campaigns. Why not contact us today, to benefit from our experienced, knowledgeable and certified in-house PPC team?