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Whether you’re new to PPC or have some working knowledge, novi.digital can work as an extension of your team to provide expert PPC campaigns that will reach your goals.

PPC is one of our core competencies and as we are a specialist PPC agency in New York City, we focus all of our energy into making sure that your PPC campaigns are reaching the right audience, giving you value for money and driving the right traffic to your website. No matter what your goal, our PPC services can help your business grow and help take your online marketing up a level to help drive your sales. PPC can be daunting to even the most experienced marketers, so we’re dedicated to working with you to ensure you understand what we’re doing every step of the way and will use your input to steer your business’ campaign.

How do PPC Services in New York City work?

First, we will audit your site to check everything is working effectively and that any tracking code will work so we can accurately measure the conversions from your campaign. Next, we will work through a detailed questionnaire with you. We like to have all the information we can possibly get before we start any PPC campaigns, to ensure that anything we put online works for you and your customers. This questionnaire will help us establish a budget, your aims, and any insights you might have into advertising schedules (advertising to business clients between 9-5, for example).

Primarily, we work with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. These are the most popular advertising platforms; however, we will work with a variety of other platforms too. When consulting with you, we will recommend a platform that will work for your goals; for example, Facebook ads are great for lower priced consumer products, but Google Shopping ads can work well for higher ticket items. Our team has a deep understanding of how PPC fits in with a wide range of industries and can make recommendations based on your needs as to which will work for you.

Once we’ve decided which advertising platforms to use, we then complete a PPC audit. This helps us to establish if your site needs any quick fixes and ensures that any tracking code will work correctly so we can accurately monitor visits and conversions from your New York City PPC campaigns.

The novi.digital PPC services team

We have a team of experts with decades of experience between them. Each team member has a number of Google Ads certifications and we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner. This means that we as an agency can access Google’s premier agency support and can directly access the Google AdWords team! Through these connections, we receive insights, support, research, and beta functionality directly from Google – a benefit that we pass on to each and every client who signs up for our PPC services.

We would like you to think of our team as an extension of your team, rather than an external agency. Each team member has their own specialized area of expertise in Digital Marketing and is happy to help you get the most from your PPC campaigns. They each take pride in their work and strive to get the best for clients, which means you as the client can share expertise and benefit from our Connections with Google – all leading to you getting more from your campaigns and getting ahead of the competition.

PPC Management in New York City

Our expert team is constantly tracking and monitoring ads to ensure that they are performing well and take the strain off your own team by ensuring that if any problems arise with your ads, we can solve them quickly, so you don’t miss out on any traffic. We can make changes and track visits to ensure that you are getting the best possible conversion rate and will always work with you to keep making improvements to ensure we are helping you achieve your goals.

We will also work with you to ensure that we get any wording right in our copy, so it matches with your brand values and tone of voice. Our team understands that you know your customers better than anyone, so your input here is crucial to the success of the campaign as we want the campaign to flow as an extension of your marketing.

Working with your knowledge, we can create a successful PPC campaign that adheres to your budget and brand guidelines and complements your existing marketing. Once we understand your business and your offering, we will provide you with a list of viable search terms which can be used in a PPC campaign. Through careful research and targeted campaigns, we will make your website a valuable tool for selling your product or service – with bespoke PPC campaigns driving the right traffic to your website.

At novi.digital, we use our own PPC Management software called “Captivise”- we’ve invested extensively in this and it is tried and tested to help us ensure we are running effective PPC campaigns for our clients.

PPC Audits and reports

If you already have a PPC campaign but feel it could do with some improvement, we can provide a detailed audit that will give you an overview of all of your campaign’s performances with actionable tasks that can help improve the performance of these campaigns.

Our aim is to help your existing team, and so we are happy to look at any existing PPC campaigns you have running with a fresh pair of eyes to see how we can help you get even more return on your investment.

PPC Consultancy and Training

If you have an in-house team who might benefit from some coaching on running and monitoring PPC campaigns, we can provide bespoke training services to help them understand this complicated area of Digital Marketing. We offer advice and help to many of our clients and are always available for any questions your marketing team might have once PPC campaigns are running so they can constantly be delivering excellent results, but if your in-house team would like a little more knowledge our training plans can help them upskill.

We can work with you to create a training plan which will give your in-house team the skills and knowledge they need to use PPC to meet your goals and make the most of your budget.

Why not see how you can benefit from our PPC team’s expertise today, get in touch at [email protected] for a discussion about your PPC needs!

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