Reputation Management SEO

With more and more people researching your company before they carry out a transaction online or choose to work with you, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that your reputation is looked after. Reputation management focuses on six key areas, and is more than just deleting negative reviews. In fact, increasing your reputation is all about focusing on the positive and leaving the negative behind.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is all about making sure that potential customers get to see the best that you have to offer. It’s not just about positive reviews, it’s also about authority, personality and service. When a customer searches for information about you they should find out that you are a company that knows what they’re talking about, has a lot of respect, appeals to their nature and provides a good service. That’s why we focus on improving more than just the number of stars in each review.

Our Focus

Novi.Digital focus on improving your online reputation by focusing on six key areas:

  • Review Sites
  • Social Media
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Forums
  • Competitors’ Sites

Review sites offer the potential to promote good sentiments straight from your customers’ mouths, and paying attention to reviews can also help remove fake reviews, which harm your reputation.

Social Media is only getting bigger, and a majority of people spend at least some time every day on social media accounts. This is the perfect place to showcase your personality and interact with customers in a friendly environment.

Blog Posts are used to show off your authority, either on your own site to gain a reputation of offering unique and intelligent insights, or by guest blogging to increase your reach and gain respect.

Press Releases are much like blog posts in helping to give your business an authoritative name.

Forums can be a great place to interact with customers, if you are the right kind of business for it, or just to review what others are saying about you.

Competitors’ Sites offer a potential example of what your customers want. If your competitors have a good reputation, taking a leaf from their book might not be a bad idea.

Why is Reputation Management So Important?

Improving your reputation is a great way to increase visibility and conversions. Being considered an authority in your field, a worthwhile business and having a strong name will boost traffic to your site and potentially even increase your conversions. People are much more willing to buy from a company that they have heard to be good, rather than a company they know nothing about at all.