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How the Internet Has Changed the Audience for not just York but nationwide

The city of York has a proud history going back as far as any British settlement, but it has always moved with the times. With an economy strongly driven by the service sector, York’s IT and tourist business are particularly strong – and just the kind of properties which can benefit the most from effective, extensive digital marketing.

How the Internet Has Changed the Audience

Take a moment to think about how you research things that interest you now. Odds are very good that you start out by an internet search, and that if you’re researching casually, you’ve learned to trust the search engine algorithms and what they put in front of you.

But search engines are also becoming our first port of call to compare and contrast things we might buy, places we might go… Almost all of us carry one in our pocket as part of our smartphone, and searching now can be as easy as saying “Hey Cortana” or “OK Google”. No longer do we just weigh up the adverts on TV and radio; now we have access to a much deeper range of reviews, professional and crowdsourced.

The result is that the audience for your products looks online for information now in a way that wasn’t possible before. It’s therefore important to make sure your digital marketing strategy is strong.

Why Choose Novi.Digital for digital marketing services in Yorkshire?

One of the leading digital marketing firms in the North West, Novi.Digital has a strong local knowledge combined with our global expertise. Whatever your business’ footprint, we can design a strategy that caters to you – and what makes us notable as an agency is our commitment to individualised strategies built around the specific needs of our clientele.

Before we begin work for you, we’ll meet with you and get a real sense of what you actually need from your SEO. From there we’ll audit your online presence as it stands and develop a plan which focuses on your specific requirements and goals. We never allow ourselves to lose track of your goals, so we don’t get sidetracked by other factors that aren’t as relevant to your success – because your success is our success.

For a free consultation, site audit, and strategy proposal, get in touch with us at [email protected] or call our head office on 01524 566 736.

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