SEO Training in Worthing

SEO Training in Worthing

At we seek to build a clear picture of how people interact with your business. Being aware of when people are wanting and not wanting to can give some perspective on how to make your business grow. We believe it is important for our clients to understand the theory behind our data-driven approach to SEO. 

This is why we organise a training and consultancy service – for those that not only want to try our innovative and experienced approaches towards SEO, but apply them internally within their own business. SEO can be stressful at first, containing complicated language that can feel as though you will never understand it. Making complex terminology simple is something that we do frequently in our conversations with clients. By being able to understand the theory behind our adaptive approach to SEO, businesses are able to foresee and keep pace with technological and industry innovation. In short, being being cognisant of SEO techniques can keep your company ahead of the curve.

Our Story

As an experienced agency with a people-first approach, we understand how to encouragingly get across SEO techniques both to businesses that are new to it, and to those that already adept but just need further guidance. Since launching in 2009, we have adapted and grown with our clients in an ever-changing sector, something that has been recognised throughout our history.

Having managed over several million in Ad Spend till now and with a national reach, we know that our experience working with a range of industries and utilise innovative concepts sets us apart from everyone else. At, we aim to be the leading data-driven and people-focused specialist digital agency in the UK. To ensure this, our SEO strategies are always anticipating of how technology is progressing. Our creation of the WordPress plugin ‘Synonymizer’, for example, is just one way in which we are not only reacting to the changes industry but helping to shape it.

 What will happen on the day?

Once we have received your requirements, we will produce a tailored schedule for the day. The course will be centred around an informative and interactive session ,providing both entry level and advanced SEO knowledge. We will then schedule a 30-minute chat to further discuss the event and answer any questions that have come to your mind since.

Do I know enough about SEO to attend?

Our SEO training events in Worthing are there for those that are inexperienced all the way through to those that are already adept and just need a refresher course. We also understand that different approaches work better for different group sizes, this is why we tailor our course for every event that we hold. These training seminars are interactive, allowing attendees to ask questions and work with with one another to develop their website and online campaign performance using Analytics.

What will I learn?

Our courses, although ranging in difficulty, cover the most important areas of SEO:

  • How we produce convincing SEO-friendly content
  • How to use Google Webmaster Tools Search Console 
  • Why personalised SEO can help your business
  • Emerging technical SEO factors
  • Outreach and Digital PR
  • PageRank and Domain Authority
  • How we combine social media, PPC, and SEO
  • Content Quality and Readability
  • Google Trends
  • Common misunderstandings in SEO

What roles does this training course help develop?

Whether you are wanting to develop a wider understanding of SEO for your own in-house SEO or whether you are already working in digital marketing and just want to further hone or refresh your skills, our course will have you covered.  

Get in touch

We know that, through our data-driven approach, you will be able to develop your SEO knowledge and measure your success and growth in metrics. Through our courses, your business can use the experience that we have gained over the last ten years and work to an agency standard.

To find out more about our courses and speak to one of our experienced team, you can contact us.