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GA-AW imageGoogle Analytics is an excellent tool for SEO purposes, providing all the data we need to understand how visitors use your site, which pages that convert best, where traffic comes from and much more. Using this data, Novi.Digital can provide you with information that helps you understand your online business better, as well as suggest and implement improvements that will enhance your customers’ experience and increase conversion rates.

How Novi.Digital Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics records a lot of data, and although accessing it is easy, knowing how to interpret it, or even what to interpret, is a much more complicated task. Novi.Digital have processes in place that allow us to easily convert relevant, raw data into useful information, which we can then use to improve our services and your website.

What data we look at will be different for every client, and we will always be looking at the conversions that mean the most to your business, whether it’s revenue for ecommerce, enquiries for big business or even gathering visitors’ email addresses. Turning this data into information, then turning this information into a plan of action, will allow us to make your website convert more efficiently and more often.

Interpreting the Data for You

Information gathering isn’t just a one-off task. In order to measure success rates and constantly improve our service to you, we will gather data on a regular basis, and keep you informed monthly of the success of your site. Each month you will be sent a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report, indicating the performance of your website based on the relevant information. Regular check-ups like this allow us and you to see what is working and how it improves over time, as well as catch any errors as quickly as possible.

Acting on the Information

Having information by itself is useful, but doesn’t necessarily help improve your site’s performance. When Novi.Digital gather information for you, we are also keeping track of what is working and what needs improvements. When improvements are necessary, we use the information we have gathered to create a plan that will target the weakest areas and focus on making them better. When we observe a particular process working well, we can use the information to improve our overall service to you.

Increasing Visibility, Usability, Conversions and the Customer Journey

By continually working on improvements in this manner, Novi.Digital are always able to target the weakest parts of a plan before they create disturbances, and can work towards further increasing the visibility and usability of your site, acting on information to enhance the customer journey and increase conversions.

Google Analytics Analysis is part of our monthly SEO packages. Get in touch to hear more about how our monthly packages can benefit your business.

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