What Makes a PPC Campaign Successful?

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Managing a PPC Campaign from the Ground Up

A successful PPC campaign is one of constant research, evaluation and refinement. Many businesses believe that once they have a PPC campaign running they can just forget about it and let the customers roll in. At novi.digital, we have a lot of experience working with companies that have forgotten their Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and we’ve seen first-hand that a poorly run or old campaign can sometimes do more harm than good. That’s one of the reasons we work so hard to make sure that each campaign is at peak performance, all the time.

This is the process we follow for PPC success:


Research comes in two stages: evaluating your needs and creating a plan that you’re happy with, which will do what you want.

Creating a Plan:

  • Intended goals
  • Available budget
  • Achievable targets
  • Actions to promote
  • Services to use

Once that’s all laid out, it’s time to design your ad campaign.


This is, of course, the meatiest part of creating a PPC campaign, and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the scale of the operation. Throughout this process you should:

  • Gather data from a range of sources
  • Create a campaign structure, including:
    • Campaign Analysis
    • Site Optimisation
    • Budget Optimisation
    • Tracking
  • Upload the Ad Campaign

Once the campaign is uploaded, the real work begins.


Maintenance includes daily checks to ensure that ads are running properly, following budget, obtaining clicks and impressions and fixing any issues that might arise. So long as everything’s going to plan, these checks will be quick, but identifying issues if you don’t have an in-depth familiarity with your campaign can take time.

This is why we recommend that you run frequent in-depth checks to maintain the quality of your ad campaign. These include:

  • Checking keyword relevance
  • Managing use of budget
  • Ascertaining success rates
  • Maintaining performance of individual ad groups
  • Comparing performance to budget

By doing this you stay deeply aware of your campaign’s details, inner workings, and what is and isn’t working. It allows you to spot issues before they become serious, and makes it easier to track down anything that does slip past you.


The Evaluation stage is where we really begin to see how well the ad campaign is performing, and, if it’s underperforming, why. Although similar to the Maintenance process, Evaluation focuses more on long-term goals and performance, rather than the day to day. We always look at:

  • Keyword performance
  • Conversion process
  • Ads copy
  • Landing pages
  • Site performance
  • Overall structure

Evaluating your campaign on all of these criteria allows you to pinpoint where you can get the most return for your work. It’s a key step in prioritising the work you need to do.


The ongoing refinement of your campaign is important for continued success. It’s not enough just to analyse your campaign – you need to do something with the data you have.

Everything you considered in the Evaluation stage is something you can improve:

  • Keywords & Search Terms Change Over Time
    • New high quality keywords must be targeted
    • New negative keywords should be blocked
    • When content changes, keywords should match
  • Bids & Budget: Prices change based on competition
    • Optimise prices
    • Reallocate budgets
    • Measure compared to performance
  • Landing Pages: High quality landing pages increase conversions
    • Focus on relevant ads
    • Encourage conversions
    • General Performance

Prioritise your refinement according to your evaluation. Don’t spend a long time working on something that’s already near peak performance when you could instead resolve multiple weak spots in the same time; however, if you can fine-tune something that’s already successful quickly, that should be a high priority.

As you continue to evaluate and refine the campaign, you’ll find time to revisit the tasks that were lower priority to begin with, and you can continue to improve the campaign and get the most out of it for a long time.

As the ad campaign is refined, conversions should increase, earning you a higher return on your investment. If this process isn’t regularly carried out, ads will gradually degrade. Thanks to the ever-changing nature of the internet even the best campaigns will eventually fail without proper refinement.

Running a successful PPC campaign takes ongoing effort and expertise; run correctly it can’t be a one-off effort.

novi.digital can offer support, advice, or even manage your campaign for you; if you’d like to find out more, you can email us at [email protected], call 01524 510 570, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.