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Access some of the Best SEO Training Courses Across the UK

Through our extensive experience with SEO, we have gained knowledge in various fields, which makes us capable of providing relevant expertise to help you run your internal SEO effectively. Our SEO training courses offer in-depth knowledge on how SEO can positively impact your business and how to utilise it best. Effective SEO is not about trying to deceive Google, achieve high rankings, or build backlinks; instead, it’s about ensuring a positive user experience. The search performance will improve by providing your website is highly relevant to the search query. Our in-house team of experienced and knowledgeable trainers can help you achieve this through our SEO training program.

Customised SEO Training Options:

Novi. Digital understands that each client has unique needs. To address this, we offer diverse training formats, including personalised one-to-one courses, ongoing consultancy for continuous SEO improvement, interactive workshops for hands-on learning, and custom-made documentation tailored to specific organisational requirements. This versatility ensures that the training precisely aligns with their needs and goals, whether a small team, a large corporation, or an educational institution.

Comprehensive Coverage of SEO Topics:

The training program offered by Novi. Digital is extensive, covering a wide range of essential SEO topics. This includes preparation for the Google Analytics exam, a crucial certification for SEO professionals, in-depth training on various SEO software tools, and developing custom training programs. This broad scope ensures participants gain a holistic understanding of SEO, from foundational concepts to advanced strategies, equipping them with the skills needed for effective SEO optimisation.

Practical and ethical SEO Focus:

They are aligned with Google’s best practices, Novi. Digital’s training emphasises the importance of user experience in SEO. Trainees learn to prioritise content that matches search queries, moving beyond tactics focused solely on achieving high rankings or backlink building. This approach promotes ethical SEO practices, leading to sustainable improvements in search performance and a better user experience.

Leveraging Expertise and Experience:

With extensive experience across various industries, Novi. Digital offers in-depth insights into the practical application of SEO. Their expertise helps participants understand how different SEO tactics can be effectively implemented in various business contexts, making the learning experience relevant and impactful.

Tailored Content for All Skill Levels:

The training is meticulously tailored to accommodate different skill levels, from SEO beginners to advanced practitioners. They incorporate the latest insights from reputable sources like MOZ, Search Engine Land, Google Analytics, and Novi. Digital to ensure that participants receive up-to-date and relevant information, enhancing their learning experience.

Logistical Flexibility for Training Delivery:

They understand the diverse needs of their clientele. Novi. Digital offers flexible training delivery options. Training can be conducted at the client’s premises, Novi. Digital facilities, or collaborative co-working spaces across major UK cities, provide convenient access to clients wherever they are located.

Engagement and Follow-Up for Lasting Impact:

The training process is designed for maximum engagement. It starts with an initial discussion to understand the client’s needs, followed by a customised training schedule. After the training, a follow-up call addresses any lingering questions or concerns, ensuring the training is informative and supports real-world SEO strategy implementation.

A Customised Service Approach to Diverse Needs:

Novi. Digital’s approach to SEO training is highly personalised. Recognising different organisations’ unique challenges and objectives, they customise their training services to meet these specific requirements. This tailored approach is vital to effectively learning and applying SEO strategies in various organisational contexts.

Here at Novi. Digital, we understand that not all organisations have the exact requirements. From small teams to large corporate clients and educational establishments, the requirements differ from one to the next.

To cater for a wide variety of clients requirements, we offer a range of different training options:

  • One-on-one SEO Training Courses
  • Ongoing SEO Consultancy Services
  • Tailor-made Ongoingmentation and Guides
  • SEO Workshops for Teams or Departments
  • Exam Preparation Training for the Google Analytics Exam
  • Training on how to use particular SEO Software
  • Customised SEO Training Programs

What are the Benefits of an SEO Training Course?

SEO is a very specialised field, which can seem much easier on the surface than in practice. If you want to keep your SEO in-house, it’s often a good idea to ensure that your site has expert training to maximise the benefit.

Our experience with SEO has given us a wide breadth of knowledge, covering all sorts of fields, so however you want to run your internal SEO, we will have gained experience and expertise that is relevant to you. In our SEO training courses, we can give in-depth knowledge not just about SEO but how it relates to your business and the best uses of it in general.

Good SEO isn’t about trying to trick Google, get a highisn’ting or build backlinks; good SEO is about user experience. The search performance will improve by ensuring that Google deems your website highly relevant to the search query. We can help you to achieve this through our SEO training, delivered via our experienced and knowledgeable in-house team.

What are the costs for your SEO Training Courses?

All of our courses are priced according to requirements. Feel free to contact us; we’d happily discuss your requirements and create tailor-made SEO training to suit your company or organisation.

Where do we provide SEO Training?

Our SEO training courses can be delivered at your location, our location or many co-working offices across the country.

The areas we serve include all the main cities, such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Bristol, and we are happy to travel. So, no matter your location, we are pleased to discuss providing a tailored training program to suit you.

Visit our SEO Training Courses page for further insight into our specialist training offering.

What’s Included?

We’ll tailor the SEO training to what extent they’ll require, from entry-level to advanced; we have the SEO knowledge and experience to cater to your requirements. We pull in insight from MOZ, Search Engine Land, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and more to ensure a comprehensive and actionable plan to follow from the training.

What’s next?

If you are interested in discussing what’s needed to create a training package tailored to your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Next Steps

  1. If you would like to proceed with arranging an SEO Training session, please get in touch.
  2. Following your enquiry, we will arrange a further call to discuss your requirements.
  3. Once we’ve obtained your requirements, we will devise a schedule for the day.
  4. We will then agree on a convenient day for the session.
  5. On the day, we will provide an informative session with as much or as little detail as you require.
  6. We will schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to discuss any questions you may have following the session.

Here at Novi. Digital, we understand that not all organisations are the same, and neither should our SEO Training Services. From small teams to large corporate multi-departmental organisations, the requirements of each differ from one to the next. This is precisely why we tailor every SEO training session to suit your company.

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