Would You Benefit From Free Google AdWords PPC Management?


Would You Benefit From Free Google AdWords PPC Management?

Would You Benefit From Free Google AdWords PPC Management?

Uncategorised · March 14th, 2019

Have your say about the features you’d like to see in novi.digital’s new automated PPC management solution and try the software free of charge!

For nearly 10 years, novi.digital has been at the forefront of innovation in the SEO and PPC marketing space. From humble beginnings in 2009, we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies. This includes our robust PPC management offerings.

Our purpose as an agency is delivering on the metrics that matter most to our clients. We produce outsized results for the businesses that we work with using an innovative data-driven and psychology-focused approach. As our agency continues to develop and expand, our expertise will soon be available to you in a brand-new format.

This year, we’re looking to share our PPC knowledge in our latest software application. The app will cater to agencies and clients alike and will become commercially available over the next 12 months.

We know that it can be incredibly time-consuming to create and optimise successful PPC campaigns for your business or clients. In our app, we hope to share the valuable insights we’ve uncovered to make this process simpler and more cost effective.

Crucially, we’d love to hear your thoughts so we can deliver a practical and valuable application that best suits your needs. We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out our 5-minute PPC survey. In return, we will provide you with an account on our new software, free of charge.

Why should you try novi.digital’s new software?

  • We have a history of making high-quality PPC software
  • We only specialise in SEO and PPC. As a result, we can provide a depth of understanding rarely available in digital marketing
  • The app will focus on delivering tangible bottom-line results
  • Our agency has managed over 6 million pounds in PPC spend to date
  • New features like ROI pricing could dramatically improve the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns
  • You can influence our app design to better meet your needs

Are you ready to get started? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts with us today in our online questionnaire.

Award-Winning SEO/PPC Digital Marketing Agency Sees a 200% Increase In Demand For Its Training Courses

Award-Winning SEO/PPC Digital Marketing Agency Sees a 200% Increase In Demand For Its Training Courses

Insight, Uncategorised · February 25th, 2019

novi.digital reveals its list of 21 courses for 2019, providing expert training for businesses that want more out of Google


This year, novi.digital will be using its 10 years of experience to train clients in the latest insights on SEO/PPC. The company is a Google Premier Partner, an award given to only the most successful PPC agencies. The courses have grown in popularity, with attendees doubling each year since training began. 121 businesses were trained in 2018, with further growth predicted for 2019.

The company will be holding training courses throughout the year in Blackpool, Lancaster, Penrith and several locations in London. The London-based courses will take place in two business innovation hubs: Level 39 in Canary Wharf and TechHub, located near Liverpool Street. The first of these London courses begin in September, although courses in other locations have already begun.

The company also said in a statement that they can offer bespoke training sessions to clients across the UK. This service would suit those looking for a more personalised offering.

“If you want to keep your SEO and PPC in-house, then it’s often a good idea to make sure that your team has expert training to maximise the benefit,” said the agency.

Managing director Aaron Crewe explains how the agency operates. “Here at novi.digital, we’re always asking ‘what’s the end result?”. Basing their work on this question, they only focus on improving metrics that deliver a clear return.

They say it can be easy to lose sight of how you are creating value for your company, which novi.digital aims to simplify. They offer a range of courses “aimed at increasing the value of your SEO and PPC work”.

A variety of companies and organisations have attended previous events:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Yordas Group
  • Harrison Drury
  • Lancaster University
  • OpenSpace
  • Lake District Calvert Trust
  • WCF
  • English Lakes Hotels

One such event is ‘PPC 101’ on March 14th in Lancaster, where novi.digital have an office. In this course, participants will learn how best to improve their Google Ads campaigns. “This is an interactive one-day course that allows attendees to ask questions and collaborate”. This gives the clients a “hands-on approach” and allows them to start improving their campaigns immediately.

Alternatively, there is a range of courses to choose from including all aspects of PPC and SEO. Topics covered include:

  • Creating a Google Ads campaign with the maximum ROI
  • Technical SEO know how explained
  • How to know what keywords to target and why
  • Improving the conversion rates of your customers
  • Creating a better user experience for your customers
  • How to use data analysis to make better decisions
  • Managing a campaign effectively and reducing wasted spend
  • Why the highest ranking doesn’t always mean the highest return

Of course, some businesses will not yet be ready to take the plunge to manage their own campaigns. novi.digital explains that learning about SEO and PPC can actually help you manage an external agency. Educating the client is key to the rapid expansion the company is experiencing, Aaron explains.

“At novi.digital we firmly believe that we deliver better services when our clients understand the theory behind what we do and why we do it”

You can find out more about novi.digital’s events on their training calendar and get in contact here.

10 Key Strategies to Improve the Value of your Search Engine Optimisation

10 Key Strategies to Improve the Value of your Search Engine Optimisation

Uncategorised · February 25th, 2019

As one of the UK’s leading SEO and PPC agencies, we at novi.digital are always focused on innovating further and improving our services. This blog covers many of the key strategies novi.digital are utilising to help you have greater success with your SEO in 2019.

We explore:

  • The importance of user experience in 2019
  • Why SEO training is becoming more important
  • How we produce convincing SEO-friendly content
  • How to make the best use of your data in 2019
  • Why personalised SEO can help your business in 2019
  • How we optimise your site for mobile usage
  • Key technical SEO factors for 2019
  • The significance of optimising for voice search
  • Our combination of social media PPC and SEO
  • The value of local search as ‘near me’ searches rise

User experience and the Google playbook

At the end of 2018, Google published a document explaining the importance of easy-to-use websites in better engaging users. Like Google, we understand that the user experience is key in generating greater sales. Conversions can increase by optimising websites which creates a smoother user journey towards a sale.

That’s why our SEO work includes a clear focus on user experience. Increasing the engagement from each individual user. The work is also rewarded by Google with increased visibility for your website.

Training for your SEO in 2019

The average standard of SEO knowledge is continuing to rise. In 2019, it is likely to be increasingly helpful for businesses to refocus on their SEO to remain competitive. To meet this need, alongside our management services, we provide extra training for businesses.

We hold regular live events throughout the UK as well as tailor-made courses. As an award-winning industry leader, we are well placed to provide expert training for your team.

Producing great content is just as important for SEO in 2019

Websites that produce great SEO content are far more likely to engage their visitors and convert them into customers. But we know it can be time-consuming to create high-quality content for your site regularly.

To solve this problem, we developed a WordPress plugin called Synonymizer. The plugin allows us to create relevant and targeted content quickly. For example, the plugin allows a single piece of content to target a range of locations that your business serves. Supported by our team of experienced copywriters, we can produce in-depth and SEO-friendly content for your site.

GDPR highlights the value of user data

Data privacy laws like GDPR are continuing to produce big changes in how data is used and analysed. Google Analytics now keeps the website and user data for a shorter period of time. Yet, this data has become no less valuable.

That’s why we provide SEO reports and audits to help you break down your data more effectively. We’ll use that data to design a plan for you to make step-by-step improvements in your SEO for 2019.

In 2019, many companies need a more personalised SEO strategy

Many digital marketing agencies have a repetitive and singular process that they use with all their clients. We at novi.digital believe that a more personalised approach delivers better results.

Our bespoke and tailored packages are designed to focus on what is most relevant to your business. This approach helps to create more value unique to your company. You can read about the changes we’ve been able to create for our clients here.

Mobile continues to be the dominant medium for search

4 years ago, Google announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches. But many websites are still not realising the critical importance of optimising your website for mobile. Optimising for mobile is not only a technical issue.

Learning how to turn your mobile visitors into customers requires an in-depth understanding of mobile behaviour. 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within an hour, which is why novi.digital places a heavy emphasis on making your site mobile-friendly with our psychology-focused approach.

Technical SEO factors to help you get ahead

  • Mobile: Google now prioritises mobile sites with mobile-first indexing. This means that the mobile version of your site is now considered by Google to be the most significant for SEO. With mobile being so crucial to a profitable SEO campaign, we don’t just focus on mobile behaviour. As the range of mobile devices continues to expand, technical compatibility for your site is key.

We design your site to be compatible with varying screen sizes and changes in resolution. We also focus on enhancing the readability and functionality of your mobile site.

  • Structured data: Helping Google to better understand your site is a key part of good technical SEO. There are now more opportunities than ever to get more of your site’s information onto Google. We can help you with this using structured data. This helps us to educate Google about what information is on your site. This can lead to a profitable feature on the search engine.

Recently, Google launched its Q and A structured data form. This allows a site to answer common questions about a topic which can lead to more engagement and conversions.

  • Page speed: Page speed improvements can often need a high level of technical expertise, which is why we recommend utilising novi.digital’s many years of experience. Page speed is not just an SEO factor for Google, it has a direct impact on your number of sales.

A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. This makes page speed once again a key focus for novi.digital in 2019.

Voice search is on the rise

Many businesses are unaware of just how fast voice search is growing. Google says that more than 20% of searches are already voice based. Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri are now mainstream methods of conducting a search. This is an opportune moment to optimise for voice search, and we can help you to future-proof your website content.

The impact of social media for SEO

Social media and SEO can often feel like separate entities. But at novi.digital, we use social media to complement our SEO work. Used together, social media and SEO create a more powerful marketing strategy. We can create a bespoke strategy for you that assesses which platforms would likely deliver the highest ROI for your company.

Optimising for local businesses in 2019

Local SEO has always been an important pillar of what we do at novi.digital. In 2019, the importance of local search for businesses is set to increase further. 82% of mobile shoppers now conduct ‘near me’ searches.

Being the most visible and attractive local option for a search can be highly lucrative. We’re experienced in personalising our SEO management to local businesses. You can read our independent client reviews here and about our achievements so far.


Interested in taking your SEO further in 2019? Get in contact and find out how we can help you deliver on your SEO goals.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01524 566 736


Novi.Digital Kicks Off 2019 With Exponential Growth and New Client Acquisitions

Novi.Digital Kicks Off 2019 With Exponential Growth and New Client Acquisitions

Insight, Uncategorised · February 4th, 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for the company. Novi.Digital has today revealed its new client acquisitions and new service offerings.


Since 2009, novi.digital has seen double-digit exponential growth consistently every year and based on the excellent start to 2019, this growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 2019 now sees novi.digital’s clientele and service offerings further expand as they are now listed as one of the Top 40+ SEO Companies in the UK. The company also revealed today several new hires to support their rapid development. novi.digital has now managed over £6 million in advert spending on behalf of its clients. That number is only likely to multiply as the company grows further.

In addition, B2B review platform Clutch named novi.digital as a top 2019 B2B service provider in their latest report. Clutch uses a mix of independent client reviews and market research to determine its rankings of which, novi.digital are on for their PPC management and SEO companies in the UK. 


Novi.Digital’s Latest Clients: 

Novi.Digital introduced its two latest clients today. Herbalife Nutrition is a highly successful health and wellness company. They aim to provide personalised nutrition to millions around the globe. Also a leader in their field, Cox Motor Group supply cars and motorcycles across the north-west of England. Their success comes from producing “exceptional service, value and expertise” for the customer.

Managing Director Aaron Crewe said of the companies:

“A warm welcome to our latest clients Herbalife Nutrition and Cox Motor Group. We look forward to providing our many years of experience with our new clients. We’re ready to deliver the high-quality results that make our agency so well regarded”.


Novi.Digital’s New Services:

Novi.Digital also announced today that their range of services is expanding. They will now be available to manage your Google Shopping accounts. Google Shopping is a key promotional tool for e-commerce businesses. Additionally, the agency will be offering ads and management services for social media. These new services will complement the PPC and SEO work the company delivers. “These services provide businesses with new avenues to build brand awareness and revenue” the company says.


Novi.Digital’s Latest Hires:

Jake Ward – Digital Marketing Executive: 

Coming from a background of digital and brand design, Jake brings passion, creativity and knowledge to novi.digital.” explains Managing Director Aaron Crewe. After seeing outstanding freelance work from Jake, Aaron and the Senior Management Team at Novi.Digital decided to hire him on a full-time basis. He went on to say that “Jake brings previous creative agency experience and further digital marketing expertise to Novi.Digital”.

Jessica Mitchell – Account Manager:

Jessica says that she loves to “generate real impact and push preconceived limits”. “These values are key to the success of Novi.Digital” says Ethan Giles, the Senior Operations Manager at Novi.Digital. He went on to remark that Jessica “has experience sweeping across the scope of business development and marketing. Her passion for innovation brings a wealth of ideas to the table”.

Aaron Crewe and the Senior Management Team additionally welcomed new team expansions in freelance and intern roles. “Training is a big part of the service Novi.Digital offers. We run regular SEO and PPC training workshop programmes to develop the teams within our clients’ organisations. We also mirror this training within our company with regards to internal training of new recruits”.


Novi.Digital is a data-driven and psychology-focused SEO and PPC agency.

Find out more about what novi.digital does here and contact them here.

Novi.Digital is Honoured with 2018 Clutch Global Leader Award!

Novi.Digital is Honoured with 2018 Clutch Global Leader Award!

Uncategorised · December 13th, 2018

clutch-jumpfly-top-ppc-agency-200-1 - Novi.Digital is Honoured with 2018 Clutch Global Leader Award!Our combined data-driven and human-centric approaches continues to put novi.digital at the forefront of the advertising and marketing space in London and internationally. We’ve received a number of industry awards for our SEO and PPC campaigns over the years, but nothing quite compares to our recent recognition by Clutch as a 2018 Global Leader. We’re excited to announce that Clutch’s annual report, featuring 250+ companies in advertising and marketing overall, has recognized Novi as a leading PPC management company!

The recipients of this prestigious award were selected based on a few factors, but chief among them were expertise in the firms’ respective fields. Indeed, digital advertising is an ever-evolving field, and increasingly requires creativity, technical skill, and vigilance. Just as Google works tirelessly to improve their search engine ranking algorithm; agencies have to remain nimble and be on top of these changes to deliver exceptional results. As the world becomes more interconnected and businesses scale globally, it’s becoming just as important to understand how to deliver top results on various search engines and platforms, including Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon.

This is all to say that the Novi team is comprised of experts, storytellers, and creatives that meet the demands of this competitive market, and we now have the Clutch Global Leader Award to demonstrate this commitment. This award is not only based on our expertise, but also distinctly, on client feedback. As an independent B2B research firm, Clutch gathers verified reviews from our clients who graciously give their time to be interviewed or provide an online review. The 14 reviews on our profile speak for themselves!

“Being a clutch global leader is a real honour and privilege. At Novi we work extremely hard to maintain our market-leading position as a specialist data-driven B2B SEO and PPC agency and this recognition from the team at Clutch certainly helps to strengthen this.”

-Aaron Crewe, CEO of Novi.Digital

Upcoming Clutch research will showcase companies in the UK and Canada, and we’re hopeful that Novi will remain a top agency locally, as well as globally. In general, we look forward to leveraging Clutch to improve our partnerships and continue upholding our mission to put people first!b2b-clutch-300x300 - Novi.Digital is Honoured with 2018 Clutch Global Leader Award!

3 reasons why Blogging is Great for SEO and marketing in general.

3 reasons why Blogging is Great for SEO and marketing in general.

Insight, Uncategorised · November 26th, 2018

A great digital marketing and SEO strategy involves using a number of different approaches together to drive website traffic and sales. One of the most important elements of your marketing strategy should be blogging, and below we reveal the different reasons why:

1. Show your expertise

A blog enables you to position your business as an expert in the industry. You can write insightful, unique, and interesting content about topics relating to your products and services, as well as your sector on the whole. This is a great way to stand out from the competition, and it builds trust with consumers. You are empowering consumers with knowledge, which should result in them choosing your business.

2. It improves SEO

Any good SEO agency will tell you that blogging will boost your search engine ranking, and it does this in a number of different ways. This begins with incorporating keywords that will help boost your exposure. Plus, websites with a blog have more indexed pages. This is a vital factor in terms of SEO, as it means you have a great deal of content for search engines to crawl and index, which in turn makes your website more recognisable. As if that wasn’t enough, businesses with blogs are more often linked to by other sites.

Blog posts are sharable

People will share your blog posts on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites, giving your business greater exposure. It is all part of your bigger online picture. If you write something that is useful and unique, people will share it on social media, creating a snowball effect as their friends, family members and colleagues see it and share it. This all comes together to create more brand exposure.

3. It gives your company a voice

Last but not least, blogging is also beneficial for your digital marketing and SEO strategy because it gives your business a voice. It creates a place where you can share company initiatives beyond your site, comment on market trends or timely news topics, and talk about your new services or products. It lets the personality of your brand shine through, and shows people what you are all about.

5 SEO myths / SEO mistakes to dispel from your SEO strategy

5 SEO myths / SEO mistakes to dispel from your SEO strategy

Insight · November 16th, 2018

When it comes to building a successful SEO strategy, there are a lot of SEO myths on the internet, and it can be challenging to know what is the truth and what strategies will really work on your website. Here we’re going to dispel some of those myths to help you build a successful SEO strategy.

1. You don’t need an HTTPS encrypted site

SSL is the standard security technology for ensuring security between a web server and a browser. When you have an HTTPS encrypted website, you are offering security that information won’t be stolen from visitors to your site. Google places this very high on their list of priorities, so ensure you have an encrypted website.

2. Having more pages is better for SEO

In the past, SEO was about the right keywords in the right place to get more traffic. Many businesses thought that to grow traffic you would need more pages that had different keywords attached. This is no longer the case; Google now concentrates on the quality of the website rather than the number of pages you have.

3. SEO is free traffic

You can’t think of SEO as a free lead generator. If you want to get lots of traffic from organic searches then you need to invest a lot of time, expertise and resources into ranking high on search engines. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to hire an SEO consultancy.

4. All you need is a good website

Many business owners think that they only need to optimise their website for good ranking. However, to outrank your competitor’s websites you need to look into link-building, guest posts on other websites, and to optimise your Google My Business. You can also use social media to help Google to view your website as more relevant to particular searches.

5. More backlinks are better

One of the key activities of an SEO strategy is building backlinks. Therefore, business owners often think that more is better. This is far from the truth. Google will assign a valuation to the backlinks into your business and the combination of these valuations will contribute to your rank. Therefore, it’s better to get one high value backlink, than to get several poor backlinks.

Many of our customers use our services because they know we have the expertise to help them rank on Google, drive traffic to their website, and sell their products and services. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Photo: google by feliperivera licensed under Creative commons 4
novi.digital Adds Another Highly-Trained Account Manager to Their Team

novi.digital Adds Another Highly-Trained Account Manager to Their Team

Insight, Uncategorised · July 26th, 2018

Multi-award-winning digital marketing agency novi.digital has recently revised its training and employee onboarding procedures. The first new Account Manager to graduate from this training programme is Will Osborn, who joins a passionate, experienced and highly-qualified team at novi.digital.

Will is an experienced marketing expert who has spent time working with Nationwide’s North East England senior leadership team, working as co-lead on several area-based projects. He holds a degree in Business Studies and specialised in Marketing at IUT 2 UPMF in Grenoble, France.

“Having worked internationally gives me additional perspective to draw on for our clients,” Will says. “The Account Management training and onboarding processes at novi have really helped hone these skills, as well as bringing my knowledge of digital marketing fully up to date with their excellent ways of working.”

The onboarding process that novi enacts involves hands-on implementation training, shadowing of other employees, testing and certification, all of which combines to ensure that the team are fully prepared before being placed in to the role.

A Top Tier Team

The management team at novi have been especially impressed with Will’s natural flair, passion and determination to succeed, as Aaron Crewe, Managing Director of novi comments:

“Will has worked hard since arrival to master our way of working and as part of the immersive processes, he has built a fantastic understanding of our clientele.”

“As a forward-thinking company, we understand that we must constantly innovate the ways in which we work in order to be of continued benefit to our clients. To do that, our team need to be passionate about what we do, highly trained, and eager to stay at the forefront of the industry.”

As part of the onboarding programme, novi.digital ensures that all new recruits take part in immersive training schedule that provides hands-on implementation of every facet of the SEO and PPC process.

A New Service

novi.digital hopes to be able to offer this training programme as a new service to clients within the next 6 to 12 months. This service would allow companies that decide to manage SEO and PPC in-house to ensure that their teams are properly trained, thus providing a better ROI on new recruits.

novi.digital Approved for G-Cloud 10 Procurement Service

novi.digital Approved for G-Cloud 10 Procurement Service

Insight, Uncategorised · July 11th, 2018

Data-driven, multi-award-winning digital marketing agency novi.digital, who recently established their London presence in Canary Wharf’s prestigious Level39, have been approved as part of the GCloud Government Procurement platform.

What is the GCloud?

The approval sees novi.digital join an exclusive list of companies approved to contract for public-sector work directly. The GCloud was first introduced in 2012 and has continued to develop since then. novi joins the service as part of GCloud 10.

The agency is now listed prominently in the Government’s Digital Marketplace.

The GCloud and companion framework Digital Outcomes and Specialists are designed to make government procurement quicker, simpler, and more transparent. Now government bodies and other public-sector organisations can quickly review technology companies, select a shortlist, and approach them for necessary work.

novi.digital on the Rise

“This is a very proud moment for us,” said Managing Director Aaron Crewe. “As a company we are always focused on not only achieving, but maintaining the standards that projects like the GCloud require.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunities the GCloud brings, and to supporting public sector groups the same way we support our clients now. As a company, we’ve always taken performance in real terms seriously.

“We have a lot of experience in improving return on investment, increasing our clients’ reach, growing market share and more. Now we have the chance to do that for more organisations.”

The agency has recently taken on a new Account Manager, William Osborn, to continue to provide its growing client roster with the high level of service it’s known for.

Exciting Opportunity for Cumbria Businesses

Exciting Opportunity for Cumbria Businesses

Insight, Uncategorised · June 26th, 2018

novi.digital is happy to announce an opportunity for Cumbria-based businesses to receive a subsidy of up to £2,000.

This subsidy is provided by the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and is for consultancy sessions focused on business growth and competitiveness.

Among the examples they’ve pointed out of this are:

Applying for Your Subsidy

Applications must go through the Cumbria Chamber’s Growth Hub. novi.digital has worked closely with the Growth Hub in the past, with our Managing Director leading training sessions organised by them. We would be more than happy to help you with applications to use this subsidy for novi.digital consultancy services.

Drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know you’d like to be part of this opportunity. We’ll get straight to work helping you to apply.

While all businesses can benefit from developing stronger SEO or PPC strategies to expand their reach and increase their market share, this subsidy stresses competitiveness.

This makes it especially useful for companies working in Cumbria’s busiest industries, including:

About the Growth Hub and novi.digital

The Growth Hub was set up in 2012 to replace the discontinued nationwide Business Link program. Along with the Greater Manchester Chamber’s Growth Hub, these were so successful that the scheme has been adopted across the country.

novi.digital is one of the sixty hand-picked businesses called on by the Growth Hub for one-to-one support, advice, and mentoring for companies in need in the area. Our business – and our focus – is built around helping other companies to grow, making us a natural fit.

Since its creation, the Growth Hub has supported an estimated 6,800 businesses. Will you be the next? Contact us and we’ll help you get the application process started.