PPC Audit Services


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When we carry out a PPC audit for a client, we work to create a roadmap the client can follow to improve ROI, bring in customers, and reduce costs. All our recommendations are backed up by data analysis.

novi.digital’s PPC audit is a one-off service, focused exclusively on your PPC campaigns. All recommendations from this audit focus on improving the campaign’s performance in real terms.

Standalone Audit or Full Strategy Audit?

We also offer SEO and CRO audits. Combined, these three audits can provide an integrated digital marketing plan for your website. SEO, PPC, and CRO each produce better results when combined – which audits you need will depend on your situation and your long-term plans.

PPC Optimisation Check

During your audit, we’ll:

  • Assess any existing or previous PPC campaign data and identify strengths and weaknesses affecting long-term performance.
  • Advise on the type of campaign used and suggest areas where different campaigns are appropriate for different objectives. This includes building brand awareness versus a focus on conversions and developing different plans for retail and B2B marketing.
  • Explain how to structure campaigns to provide data as clearly as possible. This allows greater insight into the campaign and makes refining it much easier.
  • Examine the quality scores of your target pages and advise on how to improve them, helping you get the highest quality scores possible and maximise performance.
  • Review your campaign’s performance on different match types (exact match, broad match, etc.) to help you decide where to place your focus.
  • Analyse data to inform Keyword Research, develop negative keyword lists, etc.
  • Advise on refinements to display sites on the Google ad network where appropriate.

Expert, Personalised Service

We know that it takes more than expertise to produce a strong strategy. You also need to take the time to understand the business in question. Your company’s goals and how you intend to accomplish them are important to any strategy.

That’s why our audits are as personalised as our long-term service contracts. We know our customers deserve an edge over their competition, and we work to provide it.

To find out more or book your audit, you can contact us here, call the office on 01524 510 570, or email [email protected]. We look forward to it.

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