Looking for Kendal, Windermere or Ambleside based SEO?


kendal - Looking for Kendal, Windermere or Ambleside based SEO?

A small sample of Kendal and Lake District Clients

kendal-2 - Looking for Kendal, Windermere or Ambleside based SEO?SEO is a perfect solution for the competitive market that Kendal experiences as the gateway to the Lakes. With the main market audience being tourists and a majority of trade coming in only two seasonal periods, any leg up on the fierce competition is going to be worth your while. Novi.Digital can provide you with much more than a leg up, helping to improve your visibility and conversion rates online so that you can attract Lake District customers long before they even reach the gateway.

Our Focus

Our focus is mainly on converting potential customers rather than trying to broadly improve rankings. Trying to top rankings across all competitive terms, especially for terms as competitive as Lake District tourism, is a waste of time and almost impossible. Instead, by targeting a few, key terms that have an increased likelihood of creating conversions, Novi.Digital can make a difference where it matters – your main audience and your revenue.

SEO Close to Kendal

Based in Lancaster, our team is not too far from Kendal, so we’re always happy to meet you for a face to face chat, which we feel we owe to as many of our clients as possible. If you would like to arrange for SEO for your company based in Kendal and the surrounding area, then get in touch and we can arrange a meeting where we discuss your requirements, and begin to create a plan for your success.

Why do we like to work with businesses in Kendal and the Lake District so much?

Put simply, we know the area like the back of our hand and a big advocates of doing business close to home.

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