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Are you new to SEO and need some help getting started? Or are you a veteran of the online marketing world who just wants a few extra pointers? Perhaps you’re not even sure yet whether you need SEO training at all. Whatever your situation, you’re likely to have a few questions on your mind:

  • Is it really worth hiring someone to train me? Can’t I just learn this myself?
  • Does Novi.Digital have the expertise required to give me adequate training?
  • Will you understand my team’s specific needs?
  • Will you understand my business’s needs?
  • What are the costs?
  • Does it really work?

These are the questions we often get asked at Novi.Digital, and if you’re asking yourself one or more of them right now, then let us give you some answers to put your mind at ease.

Is it really worth hiring someone to train me? Can’t I just learn this myself?

It may seem obvious that we would advise you to hire a professional to teach you. After all, providing SEO advice and training is our business. The actual answer to this question, however, is a bit more involved than a simple “yes” or “no”, and like all decisions in business, depends very much on your situation.

To figure that out, we have to ask you a question of our own. Have you already learned the basics of Search Engine Optimisation? If you haven’t, then it might be worth looking into learning some of the basics for yourself to see how well you do, before turning to an outside company. Google have their own Starter Guide to help you learn the basics of SEO, so that’s a good place to start.

If you’ve already tried things for yourself and they didn’t work out, or you want to learn some more advanced techniques, then getting professional training is a great opportunity to learn more. There are a lot of advanced techniques that basic guides don’t have time to cover, and of course when you receive guidance from a professional trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about your specific business model or website, or get advice on why something you tried didn’t work.

Does Novi.Digital have the expertise required to give me adequate training?

It’s a very important question, and one that you should ask of any consultant, agency, trainer or well-meaning advice giver. There’s not always a lot of room for experimentation or mistakes in business, and in the world of SEO, there are unfortunately still a lot of bad apples.

If you’re looking for assurance that we know what we’re talking about, then we hope that the proof lies in the length of time we have been active, the ongoing success of our clients and their testimonials, and in our award winning service. If not, then feel free to call us. We’re always happy to explain how we can help you specifically.

Will you understand my team’s specific needs?

Keeping both ears open is a point of pride for Novi.Digital. Every business is different, and so is every team. The specific training that your team needs, and the ways that they will learn, are almost certain to be different from anyone we’ve trained before.

In fact, making sure to understand what your team needs is vital to teaching them, and we know that. So whatever questions you have, or specific areas you want to learn more about, we’ll make sure to put extra focus on the areas you need.

Will you understand my business’s needs?

Even more important than your team, understanding what your business needs in terms of SEO is one of our core principles. Although training doesn’t require the same integration that our full-fledged consultancy services do, we still believe that knowing your business is key to providing the best service we can.

The best SEO techniques work differently for different companies, often even within the same industry. Partly it’s based on your team, and your attitude. Partly it depends on your situation, and how well you are already performing. A lot of it depends on your unique selling point, what it is that makes your business special. All of these come together to make your business, and your needs, different to everyone else’s, and that means that the training you need to receive is different as well.

When we offer you SEO training, we won’t just arrive, give a lecture and go. We will put the effort in to understand what it is your business needs, and what areas you want to focus on, so that we can give you the best value for money available.

What are the costs?

There’s no sugar coating costs, so let’s get straight to them:

Expenses may cost extra, depending on specific requirements. Call us or send an email to discuss these in more detail.

Does it really work?

There’s a reason that more and more people are turning to search engine optimisation to help grow their businesses online, so yes, it really does work! If you’re able to put in the effort required to learn, then good SEO training will take you a long way.

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