announced as Best London SEO Agency by Wimgo

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Wimgo has announced its list of top rated London SEO Agencies and we are proud to confirm that has topped their list of twenty one of the best SEO digital marketing agencies.

Stating that has built a “plethora of knowledge and experience”, Wimgo celebrates our work with a “wide range of industry sectors” (which you can see here) and appears to share our view that whilst digital marketing is a similar job no matter the industry, understanding the sector you’re working with is a way to guarantee a better result and, according to Wimgo, “gives [us] the game advantage”.

We are pleased with our place in the top spot, especially as Wimgo’s selection process is incredibly detailed and ensures that only the most effective companies achieve a place on this list.

What is Wimgo?

Wimgo is a team of dedicated professionals who review thousands of service providers in order to rank them in order to help other companies find the best service providers to fit their needs. Working hard to recommend the right companies, Wimgo has helped create over one million connections with 95% of them resulting in positive, high quality outcomes for both companies.

You can find out more about Wimgo through their site here.

How does Wimgo decide?

Wimgo has a strict screening criterion in order to make sure their recommendations are of the highest quality. Wimgo first uses a data team to gather information on all the different candidates before screening them, eliminating any companies with red flags (which can be anything from legal issues to unresolved complaints).

Once a company qualifies, Wimgo conducts a thorough analysis on each company, using five specific criteria. Wimgo first analyses the reputation of a company by looking at all reviews across verified platforms in order to determine the overall impression of the company. They also look at the knowledge of the team as well as the number of years the company has been in business in order to evaluate the expertise of the company. Wimgo also looks at the speed, value and quality of the service as well as the consistency of this service. Finally, Wimgo looks at the reputation and quality of customer experience within the company.

This multi-phase process ensures that the companies that Wimgo recommends are of the best value.

What does this mean for

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for our company, it also confirms and rewards the hard work and dedication of our team, once again highlighting our commitment to providing the very best digital marketing service possible.

Our SEO offices are country wide, with the Award-Winning agency in London also supported by branches across the UK in Lancaster, Manchester and Edinburgh, plus the addition of two new sites across the Atlantic, in New York and Vancouver.

To find out what we can do for your company, you can send us an email at [email protected] or find out how to contact us here.

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