Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Digital Marketing Strategy Services

While many businesses succeed in creating a profitable online strategy, we know that without expert data analysis, many highly lucrative opportunities can be missed. At, we’re passionate about drilling down to discover the hidden possibilities that your business is yet to uncover. Careful analysis of data and customer psychology can reveal a vast number of potential action steps, which we can then remake into a superior online strategy. For over a decade, our digital marketing strategy services have transformed the profitability of the businesses that we work with.

Our first step is to perform a thorough audit of your current digital marketing strategy, collecting as much data as possible concerning your business’s past performance in SEO, PPC, CRO and user experience, alongside a detailed competitor and market analysis.

Following our data audit, we’ll then present you with a SWOT analysis of our findings. Crucially, at, we only focus on the metrics that matter most to you. Any digital strategy that we design from this analysis will be highly personalised to your business’s unique goals. From improving your bottom line to rapidly expanding your operations, can build a strategy to suit you.

We typically design 6-month strategies for our clients, focused on providing clear deliverables and action steps. At, we believe in listening to you and finding out what your business needs, not telling you how your business should be run. We tailor our work to your specific business goals, regularly reviewing and updating your digital marketing strategy to better meet your needs.

How our digital marketing strategy services could benefit your business

To take PPC strategy as one example, our decade of expertise with data means that we can often cut our clients’ PPC costs in half, whilst still retaining the same number of leads. Specific strategic steps that we can advise you on for PPC include:

  • Cost-per-click optimisation
  • Keyword and landing page targeting
  • Split-testing ads
  • Automating PPC bid management
  • Improving quality scores
  • Interpreting search query data
  • Specialised device and location targeting
  • Utilising advanced features like RLSAs

Are you feeling bewildered by the range of options available for your digital marketing? We know that it’s tough to understand exactly what needs to be in your digital strategy and to avoid the many pitfalls that you could encounter along the way.

Without knowing it, you could be overpaying on your PPC advertising, missing key elements of technical SEO or facing one of a hundred other strategic challenges that, left unaddressed, will drain your company’s valuable resources and impact profitability.

We’ve designed our strategy services to remove the guesswork and provide a clear roadmap for your business through the complexities of online marketing. As an agency, our data-driven approach means that you’ll always understand the ‘why’ of every marketing decision.

A clear online strategy can allow your business to:

  • Improve conversion rates – Understanding your customers’ online behaviour is key to crafting an expert digital marketing strategy. Depending on how your customers currently respond to your advertising, we’ll design a unique action plan for your business that focuses on the key elements of conversion rate optimisation. This could include improvements in website design, copywriting and the focus of your campaigns.
  • Optimise ad spending – We can significantly improve the efficiency of your advert spending using our own in-house PPC software and data analytics. Our proprietary software Captivise provides significant cost savings compared to regular ad management. In fact, a well-researched and automated ad spending strategy can create a positive spiral of new leads and profitability.
  • Find the right audience for your business – Online search visibility is only valuable if you can find the searchers who have a clear intent to engage with your product or service. We can help you design a strategy that connects you with your ideal audience. is an award-winning agency with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing strategy. We encourage you to explore the many successes we’ve had with our clients by reading our digital marketing case studies. You can read about how we designed a brand-new digital marketing strategy for a software company leading to a 23% organic signup rate. Alternatively, you can explore how we helped an online retailer transform their SEO and conversion rate to get their digital strategy back on track after a penalty from a Google update. You can also hear our clients’ independent thoughts and feedback on B2B review site Clutch.

How can I find out more about your digital marketing strategy services?

If you’re interested in finding out more about what we do, it’s easy to get in contact. You can call or email us using the contact details below or send us a message via our contact form. We very much look forward to discussing how we can best be of service to your business.

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