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What to consider in a Google Ads Management Agency?

Before looking for a Google Ads management agency, you must set a clear definitive end goal. What is it that you are looking for from an agency? Is it direction, guidance, insight, to save time, or something else entirely?

Once you’ve decided on this, you can create a scoring system to rate the shortlisted agencies.

Why choose as your Google Ads Agency of choice?

  1. Every single one of our team is Google certified.
  2. We have spent over 1 million pounds of our own money on Google ads.
  3. We’ve invested over £100,000 in developing AI machine learning and automation software.
  4. We will offer you a free audit of your account.
  5. We are happy to start with a project to see if we are a suitable partner.

Why choose Google Ads for your business?

Google currently averages over 40,000 searches every second and is by far the most popular search engine, which is why it’s so important to have your business be seen when people search on their site.

Why do you need an agency for Google Ads Management?

On the surface, Google Ads seems simple to use. Still, in reality, the risk of losing time and money for no significant gain can be pretty considerable, and that’s why it can be essential to use a PPC campaign management service like Novi.Digital. Our years of experience across all forms of pay-per-click management began with Google’s services, and with so much demand for it, of course, we’ve learned a lot over that time.

There are many reasons to choose an agency. One such reason is to save time. We can manage Google Ads campaigns more efficiently and productively due to our proprietary software and constantly refined processes. We know where to spend our time to maximise ROI rather than doing monotonous tasks without clear direction.

How does PPC work? A beginners guide

The basic idea behind pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is that in exchange for prioritising your links or giving them particular placement on the page, you will be charged a small amount by Google for every person who clicks on the link. The amount you pay is based on a bidding system, with people who bid more paying a higher amount in exchange for their content being more likely to be shown. More popular keywords tend to result in higher prices for obvious reasons.

How Novi.Digital Makes Google AdWords Work for You?

While the idea behind Google AdWords is simple, turning your invested money into worthwhile conversions is much deeper, which is precisely why we’re here to help you do it. The main factors to consider when using Google AdWords are:

  • How much to spend per day?
  • How much to spend per click?
  • How to ensure your ad is clicked?
  • How to turn a click into a conversion?

We can assist with answering all of these questions by completing our proposal questionnaire as part of our project scoping process.

How much should I spend per day?

How much to spend per day is usually the most straightforward question. This is based on your budget more than anything else, and we wouldn’t encourage you to spend more than you can comfortably afford. However, the more you can spend, the more times your ad is likely to be seen, so make sure you’re spending enough to get something out of it. Novi.Digital will be able to advise you on how much is a worthwhile spend and how much is too much.

How much should I spend per click?

How much to spend per click is a much harder decision, but luckily this is where our specialisation begins. The amount you spend per click has a whole range of considerations in itself, including:

  • Daily budget.
  • Targeted Keywords.
  • Conversion value.
  • Conversion rate.
  • The narrowness of the advert.

Your profitability and conversion rates determine the correct calculation for how much you should spend per click.

How to calculate CPC?

The simplest way to do this is to look at the following example:

  • Product value: £100
  • Margin 30%
  • Target cost-of-sale: 50% of margin (or 15% of Total product value)
  • Visitor-to-sale conversion rate: 5%
    1. Product value X Margin = £30
    2. Margin X Target cost of sale OR Product Value X Margin = 15%
    3. £15 x 5% = 75p

    In this example, your target cost per click would be 75p.

    What is Target CPA?

    Google now has several different bid strategies that can be used. One such bid strategy is TCPA bidding, which stands for target cost per acquisition, and Google attempts to bid for the target CPA based on machine learning technology.

    Using the example above, the target CPA would be £15.

    How should I structure my PPC campaigns?

    Our campaign structure focuses on targeting the keywords most relevant to your offering but which aren’t too costly for your budget. The amount you should be willing to spend will also be based on how much net gain a successful conversion is worth, how often a conversion occurs and how likely each click is to convert – narrower adverts are more likely to lead to conversions. Hence, it’s worth paying more for them etc.

    Ensuring your ad is clicked is a question of first making sure a potential conversion sees it and then ensuring that a potential customer wants to click on it. Our experience with Google Ads Management techniques and our research into your specific offering allows us to create adverts that are as enticing as possible to your potential conversion. Finding the correct price to bid on an ad and improving the quality of the content to which it links will help the ad gain more impressions.

    How to convert visitors into leads?

    Turning a click into a conversion is the most important and arguably most challenging task. This is based on so many factors that it is hard to list, but a few of the main ones are:

    • Quality of landing page.
    • Business offering.
    • Comparison of an ad to the landing page.
    • Customer journey.
    • Customer needs.

    Ensuring that your advert matches up as much as possible with the page it leads to is essential because this is what the customer expects to see when they click on it. The page’s quality is also crucial in convincing the customer to follow your desired action. Of course, if what you’re offering is not what the customer is looking for, then the conversion is almost certain not to happen, which is why it’s essential, as much as possible, only to gather clicks from people who are likely to convert in the first place.

    Correcting the above points is vital to a successful Google Ads campaign, and that’s only half of it. The original statistics will change as time passes, which is why Novi.Digital is constantly maintaining and refining your campaign to perform as well as possible.

    What technology do you use for Google Ads Management?

    We’ve built our technology suite, including bid adjustment tools, IP blocking and many more proprietary software platforms. Where we choose to partner, software such as is used to improve campaign performance further.

    Why shouldn’t you manage Google Ads campaigns yourself?

    In the past, we have seen so many businesses who thought they would ‘try it out’ themselves, and often it costs more than it generates in revenue. Don’t make the same mistake; save money using a professional PPC campaign management service like Novi.Digital.

    So what are you waiting for? If your campaigns need improvement, call our Google Ads certified experts today on 0333 090 4442 or email [email protected]!

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