Social media marketing training

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Social media marketing training

Social media and digital marketing is a vital tool for businesses today. If you need to expand your understanding of social media marketing and make better use of social media marketing campaigns for your business, can help.

We deliver high-quality social media marketing training that offers you genuine insight. There are significant differences between social media marketing and more traditional forms of marketing, and the digital landscape is continually evolving. However experienced you may be in this area, social media marketing training is always a valuable tool for professionals to update their knowledge and skills.

Social media marketing courses

With our training, you can gain a deeper understanding of social media marketing and how to build and monitor successful social media campaigns. We can also help you to understand audiences and how to expand your reach, as well as get to grips with social media advertising. We will help you understand the fundamentals of the area, get up to speed with current trends, and give you the foundations to develop dynamic and successful marketing campaigns via social media.

Our training is backed by our extensive expertise in digital marketing, and every session is run by knowledgeable social media marketing professionals. Our vast experience with developing and executing innovative social media marketing and advertising campaigns gives us an in-depth awareness of this field, demonstrated by our numerous certifications and qualifications. Whatever your level of experience is with social media marketing, our training sessions help you to expand and update your knowledge, leading you to run more successful campaigns and create more conversions.

Our training options

Every client has unique training needs as well as different objectives for their social media marketing. We address this by offering bespoke training sessions that are always adapted to your individual requirements. Our flexible options include remote training sessions held online and a variety of session durations to allow for as much detail as you need. The training sessions can be held either on or off your site – we are happy to provide our training anywhere in the UK, and have run sessions at a huge range of offices and co-working spaces across the country. Sessions can also take place at our site in Lancaster.

The available training options include:

  • Remote training
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group workshops for departments and teams
  • Customised training courses

Because our social media marketing training is completely customised, sessions with are suitable for professionals with any level of experience. With your input, we will tailor the course to fit in with your existing knowledge, as well as your objectives for learning and the goals of your business.

Whether you are keen to explore social media marketing for the first time or have intermediate or advanced levels of experience, our team can develop a training programme that is appropriate for you and includes the amount of detail you are looking for. We also offer social media marketing training sessions for non-executive directors.

How much does social media marketing training cost?

All of our packages are individually priced depending on the requirements of the client. Our pricing is as follows:

– On-Site Training Day (client location) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), fixed fee of £720 + VAT

– Off-Site Training Day ( 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), fixed fee of £660 + VAT

– External Training Day (Regus office or similar) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), fixed fee of £840 + VAT

– Remote Training: Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), fixed fee of £500 + VAT

– Remote Training: Half-Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), fixed fee of £280 + VAT

– Remote Training: per hour 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), fixed fee of £90 + VAT per hour

Why choose

Our flexible training options and digital marketing expertise make us a leading provider of social media marketing training in the UK. We tailor every course to suit the client but bring the same detailed knowledge and insight to every training session.

At, we are committed to supporting your business and helping it to grow and earn more through harnessing the power of social media marketing. We want to help you succeed, and our people-focused approach to training ensures you get the learning and development you need to move forward. We have a commitment to delivering value to our clients, and this shows in the quality of our bespoke training courses.

Take the next steps

If you want to get started with developing your knowledge through our social media marketing training, please get in touch. We will then arrange a phone call with you to discuss your requirements in more depth. Following this, we will develop a schedule for the session and agree on a date with you for training to take place. The session will then be delivered as per your requirements, and we will also arrange a follow-up phone call after the training has taken place to discuss any outstanding questions you might have.

You will get a Certificate of Completion upon finishing your social media marketing course with us.