Amazon Ads Training

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Amazon Ads Training

Advertising Online has become a core tenet of any business with digital operations. Adverts increasingly drive the online world, and using them effectively can be an excellent way to ensure your company reaches its next milestone. Whether hitting that big sales target, building enough revenue to expand your business, or even becoming more cohesive as a brand, Amazon advertising can significantly boost your company’s results. This is why understanding Amazon Ads through comprehensive Amazon Ads training is crucial.

It’s this competitive environment that makes’s training courses are vital. If you have the talent to perfect your advertising within your team, you won’t need to outsource your marketing strategy to external companies. Not only does this allow you to save money in the long run, but your business can also have control over its broader vision and presentation of your products. There’s nothing worse than having a specific ethos in your company, only for this to be overturned publicly by a marketing firm ignorant of your founding principles.

Understanding your target audience with Amazon ads training

Firstly,’s Amazon ads training course is based on thoroughly understanding your audience and the broader campaign concept. You can create a more direct message by adequately understanding an advertising campaign’s fundamentals and target markets. For example, an untrained campaign may attempt to appeal to people aged 18-40 broadly. In contrast, our training can help you hone your adverts to a particular demographic, including gender, interests, and products previously bought on Amazon.

Building this understanding can save you money by getting your Amazon adverts in front of the people likely to act on them the first time, putting efficiency at the heart of your advertising campaign.

Understanding the financial side with Amazon ads training

One of the most critical parts of getting your advertising campaign right is controlling your budget. If you pay more than expected per click or find yourself going significantly over budget, you can do more harm to your business than good.

When you partake in’s Amazon ads training, you can expect to gain a thorough understanding of how marketing budgets work for digital campaigns, helping you to keep on top of your spending and stay under budget whilst still achieving results. This is combined with assistance in understanding ROI (Return on Investment), ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and COS (Cost of Sales) as they pertain to advertising campaigns.

By understanding exactly how your spend is converted into sales revenue, you can better tweak individual advertising materials and hone in on the perfect marketing campaign which produces as much revenue as possible at a minimal cost. You can achieve this understanding through’s Amazon Ads Training to start perfecting your company’s online sales performance. As PPC experts, we’re among the UK’s leading educators of understanding your margins, budgets, and strategies when advertising on Amazon.

Understanding effective targeting with Amazon ads training

Once you know your audience and budget, getting Amazon ads in front of the right people is your next challenge. can help you to understand concepts such as ad schedules, conversion tracking, and negative keywords and exclusions. These tools can help you to modify your advertising for better results, helping you to take your business to the next level without the help of an external advertising agency.

Why choose for Amazon ads training? is the UK’s primary psychology-driven SEO and marketing company, using digital advertising to assist clients in maximising revenue and visibility. Our significant experience means that we can offer advice and training based on lived experiences, with our team providing suggestions based on real-life campaigns and marketing strategies.

By attending our Amazon ads training course, you can enjoy newfound skills of appealing to your demographic and another marketing tool to add to your belt; other benefits include deepened knowledge of the best SEO practices, bespoke advice from our digital marketing professionals, and the delivery of the course at a time and location best suited to your needs.

Furthermore, our team offer these services at a great price, and our training will give you all the tools you need to thrive in the modern digital age. Our prices are as follows:

  • On-Site Training Day (at your location) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee) £720 + VAT
  • Off-Site Training Day ( 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee) £660 + VAT
  • External Training Day (Regus office or similar) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee) £840 + VAT
  • Remote Training: Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee) £500 + VAT
  • Remote Training: Half Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee) £280 + VAT
  • Remote Training: per hour 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee) £90 + VAT per hour

Get in touch to enrol on our Amazon ads training courses

If you’re interested in discussing our training sessions or considering a bespoke training package tailored to your company, contact the team today. You can call us on 0333 090 4442 or email the team at [email protected], and one of our experts will be happy to discuss Amazon ads training with you. You will also get a Certificate of Completion upon finishing an Amazon ads training course with our team.