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Apple Ads management

At, we offer Apple Ads management services designed to get your App Store app noticed. The App Store is Apple’s answer to Google Play, where iPhone and iPad users can find and download branded apps and tools to make their Apple experience smoother.

If your brand marketing includes a dedicated app that you want users to download and use but your app isn’t getting the attention it needs, an Apple Ads campaign could be right for you.

What is Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads is a tool launched by Apple in 2016 to make it easier for app creators to showcase their apps to a wider audience, driving downloads directly from the store.

Apple Search Ads has been designed by Apple to maximise both downloads and conversions for brands that invest in this tool, and so far it’s working: the average conversion rate of Apple Search Ads is an impressive 50%.

It shows users ads for App Store apps when relevant search queries are made in the store; this way, your app can be pushed into a visible position for users who are looking for an app just like yours. The more relevant the search query made, the more likely your app will be to feature.

Why is it important?

Apple Search Ads is the best way to get your App Store app noticed; why invest so much time and money developing an app if it’s not going to be used? The final step of your app launch should always be marketing, and Apple Search Ads offers the perfect opportunity to market your app to a wider audience.

Apple clearly knows where the best opportunities for advertising lie: 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps to download, and 65% of downloads occur directly after a search. This means Apple Search Ads are primely positioned to appear to users who are ready and willing to download an app just like yours.

Is it right for my business?

One of the advantages of using Apple Search Ads to drive your app marketing campaign is that the tool is incredibly versatile. At, we can help you to tailor your Apple Ads campaign to your needs and budget; the Apple Search Ads tool is suitable for budgets of up to thousands of pounds a month, with various options available to set the cost you’re willing to spend per download and choose which keywords you’d like to target as part of your campaign.

How big is the App Store market?

The size of the Apple App Store market shouldn’t be underestimated. Almost half of all smartphone users in the UK have an iPhone, making the Apple market just as big as the Android market in today’s smartphone wars. Brands looking to get their apps noticed should be investing just as much time and money into Apple as Android.

For iPhone users, the App Store is where almost every app journey begins, making it the perfect opportunity for app marketing teams to capitalise on this captive audience.

How are Apple Ads different to other ads campaigns?

Running your first campaign isn’t quite the same as running any other PPC or online marketing campaign. The App Store is a different environment, which means your Apple Ads campaign needs to be tailored for App Store success.

App Store consumers behave differently to consumers on other platforms. For example, the keywords your app should target for App Store searches likely won’t be the same keywords you’d target for Google searches and vice versa. Creating your Ad will be a little different to other platforms, too, because Apple doesn’t allow marketers to upload custom images for their ads. Instead, you’ll choose Creative Sets which pull images from your App Store listing to put together an ad for you.

Apple Ads marketers also need to understand what Limited Ad Tracking is, or LAT. Limited Ad Tracking options allow Apple users to Limit Ad Tracking, which means that marketers won’t be able to track in-app events and purchases to assess how well their app is performing post-download. To get an idea of whether your app needs work, sometimes it can be beneficial to only advertise to users with LAT turned off, at least to begin with.

How do I get started?

To get started with your Apple Search Ads campaign, it’s important to spend some time thinking about who your target audience is and what your goals are for the campaign. A successful Apple Ads management system will fuse multiple campaigns into one, with various strategies employed to target different segments of your audience. For example, consider the difference between campaigns for:

– Branded vs non-branded search queries

– User types, including new users and returning users

– Services your app offers

– Which keywords you want to target

And much more. Some of these categories might line up with one another; for example, returning users may also be more likely to be searching for your brand rather than a broad service keyword, such as the difference between customers searching for ‘Amazon’ rather than ‘online shopping’.

A successful management service includes everything from the initial design and concept of your Apple Search Ads campaign through to performance testing and in-app tracking which is necessary to identify just how much value your Apple campaign is bringing to your business. Like other online marketing campaigns, it’s all about making small tweaks regularly until you find the sweet spot where high download rates and in-app conversions meet.

Is Apple Search Ads a recipe for success?

If your goal is getting more users to download your app, there’s no doubt that Apple Search Ads is what you need. Apple themselves claim a 50% conversion rate, which means 50% of users downloading advertised apps, while independent benchmark tests have revealed a similar conversion rate of 49.69%.

This is a fantastic conversion rate by any standards and means that customers who click on Search Ads apps go on to download that app around half the time. This means less money spent on clicks that don’t lead to conversions, which in turn speaks volumes about the value for money that Apple campaigns offer.

In a competitive online market where approximately 1.96 million apps are currently vying for downloads, it’s important to make sure your app stands out. Without experienced managers in your corner, the chances of this are slim; and that’s where comes in.

How can help?

At, we have been working on digital ads and PPC campaigns for over a decade. We are specialists in what we do, offering tailored Apple Search Ads management for brands and businesses across all sectors. We will work with you to develop an Apple Ads campaign that is set for success; we work closely with all of our customers to understand their brand, their goals, and their audience to ensure that your App Store apps find the right customers.

Call us today at and we’ll be happy to talk you through our experience in Apple Ads management.