Charity Policy

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Charity Projects

The Charity Work scheme is an opt-in scheme that encourages every employee to pick a charity and commit time each month doing role-relevant work for
them. Each employee is responsible for approaching their chosen charity and forming necessary connections, identifying where they can help and how.
There are no requirements for chosen charities to advertise or give anything in return. If the company receives any business benefits such as
referrals as a direct result of work performed, then that should happen naturally. This is an internal initiative to further improve job satisfaction and employee
wellbeing and is not intended as a business development or networking opportunity.
It must be made clear to charities that individuals are doing this of their own accord and that is not liable should something go wrong as a result of
the employee’s involvement.
Employees can and should work together if they both decide to work for the same charity in order to give that organisation the most benefit.
Time and Management
• Charity project time will work on a monthly, rolling cycle with time accrued by office attendance.
• For each full week worked (i.e., a five-day week without authorised or unauthorised absence), an employee will earn one hour to be spent on charity work.
Each employee can earn a maximum of four hours (half a working day) to spend on charity work per month.
• This time cannot be rolled over from one month to the next and is earned in advance. This reflects the way in which holidays work.
• A scheduling spreadsheet, to be considered by all employees as part of the weekly priority list, will outline when individuals plan to work on charity
projects. Time should be planned and scheduled at the start of the week and should be considered as important as any external or internal commitments.
• Employees can choose to spread their charity project time over the full month, or use it all together in a half day.
• The spreadsheet will be monitored by the MD and Business Administrator to mitigate any potential issues caused by short-staffing. If multiple people
decide to use their time simultaneously, it may be necessary for some employees to reschedule. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.
• Time will be paid as standard working hours and should be performed in standard working hours. It is not subject to overtime. Extra work performed is
done at employee discretion.
• Travel time, preparation time, and time spent communicating is included in charity project time banked. i.e., if you are travelling to see a representative
from the charity then it must be done during your accrued charity project hours.
• Company meetings will be organised in the Christmas period and in June: this meeting time will be used to discuss work which has been performed.
• Employees who wish to perform charity work but do not want to work for a particular charity can accrue time in the same way and offer to support others
in their charity projects.