Managed Email Marketing Services

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Managed Email Marketing Campaign Services

At Novi.Digital we are focus on conversions, whether in the form of sales, enquiries or a visit to a specific page on your website. One of our most effective offerings for increasing conversions is providing management of strategic email marketing campaigns.

Many of our existing email marketing clients have tried email marketing before, with many of them sending direct from their email software (Outlook for example) and copying an email list into the BCC box (or in some cases the CC box). This simply doesn’t work!

Not only could your clients and customers potentially see the email addresses of all of the other recipients but there are also several advanced techniques that require specialist services to achieve.

  • Analytics Tracking – maximise your email data by analysing exactly what your recipients are doing once they have received the email.
  • Monitor bounced email addresses – sending emails to accounts that won’t read them is a waste of time and could get your email address blacklisted.
  • Only send to subscribers – Your email address could be blacklisted if you repeatedly send emails to people who don’t want to receive them.
  • Ensure that you include an unsubscribe function, a contact phone number, send from a REAL email address and include a physical address – These are just a few of the need-to-know rules when sending emails to recipients.
  • Create a good image to text ratio – The design and layout of your email are very important in ensuring that it gets read

Specialist Email Marketing Management

Novi.Digital have a wealth of in depth experience with email marketing services, so following email marketing etiquette and creating emails that increase conversions are almost second nature to us. We not only understand the rules of email marketing, but we can optimise the campaign to suit your needs, driving the sales you want to see and increasing conversion rates by targeting the right people or at the right time of day.

Allow us to manage your email marketing and you could see it become one of your main sources of online revenue. Contact us to find out how we can help you.