We prove that it’s not just rankings, it’s sales that count!

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We don’t put a focus on single search terms, and we find that we have the best successes when our clients don’t either. Tangible results come from ranking for a wide range of search terms where we can see which terms convert the best. We measure results and success on a number of factors including rankings, increased traffic compared the same previous period, decreased bounce rates, increased visit duration, conversion value and most importantly increased total number of conversions.

Example 1:

Increasing Website Visits

This graph shows one of our clients who saw a vast increase in the number of visitors to their site in just a few months.

Example 2:

Increasing Transactions and Revenue for Your Site

In this example we saw a massive 47.63% increase in revenue by increasing transactions and average order value at the same time.

Example 3:

Massive Improvements in Visitors

When Google catches up with the improvements we’ve made, you can begin to see a big difference. Here we more than doubled the site’s visitors.

Example 4:

Increasing Online Revenue Through Conversion Optimisation

Here you can see that even though more visitors were leaving the site early, revenue and conversions increase nonetheless thanks to focusing on the correct things.

Example 5:

Create Conversions With Targeted Rankings

By increasing both the number of visitors and the quality of the site we were able to draw in conversions that had previously not been coming to the site. Focusing our attention on the right audience created a massive 14,720 conversions from nothing.