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Maintaining its proud status as an engineering hotbed, Leyland’s fortunes have waxed and waned over the years but will always have that as an anchor. With automotive construction and a major maintenance/utility firm as key job providers, the town also sees a great deal of civic pride in its businesses with many of them in some way named for the town.

Why do Leyland businesses need SEO?


Search engine optimisation is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. Leyland’s traditional heavy industry – and much of what’s done by smaller local businesses – is most profitable when it can sell widely. And to do that you need to promote your business.

So far, so good – but traditional advertising models are losing their lustre. Businesses trust slick newsprint, radio, and TV ads less than before. Now they have the internet with which to evaluate potential partners, and they’re not the only ones; everyone has a smartphone in their pocket or purse now, and everyone can quickly check reviews and make a judgement of their own.

Being found online becomes ever more important, but it can’t just be about being found – it’s important to be found by the right people and to make the right impression when they find you.

Converting visitors to customers

Whatever service or product your business provides, a proportion of Internet users have no interest in it and never will have; that’s just a fact. It’s much more important that your site be seen by your core market and as much of your potential market beyond that as possible.

Once they’ve seen your site, there’s another minor hurdle to cross, which is that they still have to be persuaded to choose you rather than any of the competition. A good SEO provider will be looking at converting visitor to customer as much as they are bringing the potential visitor to your site.

Customised service

Beyond that one commonality, though, every SEO strategy should be different and dedicated to the company it’s designed for – and it should be designed with that company’s goals, objectives, and best interests in mind.

We make a point of meeting with our clients before any work is done to listen to your goals, hopes, and problems, and then we cast our expert eye over your site to see if we can catch anything else you may have missed.

Armed with all this information and over a decade’s experience in the industry, we will put together a strategy which doesn’t lose sight of your goals and your bottom line, and which is designed to help you achieve them much more smoothly.

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