SEO for Penrith Businesses

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novipenrithWith many specialist shops catering to locals and to the tourist trade alike, Penrith has a resurgent central economy bolstered by significant industry presence in baking, manufacturing, animal feed, butchery and meat packing, among others, as well as supporting a number of haulage firm depots due to its location near the M6

All of these businesses have one key thing in common; their growth is tied to how well they can promote themselves.

This far into the twenty-first century, the strongest tool any business has for promotion is the internet. As print and radio advertising struggle to maintain the influence they once had, having a search engine optimisation (SEO) service which understands the specific needs and situation of your area becomes more and more important.

Why is having a local company important for SEO?

If a significant portion of your business is local, then making sure that the company helping you to develop your online presence knows the area can be vital. However, much more important in digital marketing is making sure that client and marketer know each other and can work together.

We firmly believe in the importance of a close relationship with all of our clients. By working closely together we make sure that we know what your goals are, and that allows us to build a strategy around achieving your goals and shoring up any weaknesses your online presence may have at the beginning of our relationship.

Eyes on the Goal

Our strategies are goal-focused because your business is goal-focused; we don’t chase metrics for the sake of hitting metrics, we chase metrics that will help you achieve your goals.

To make sure we stay focused on those goals and maintain a clear and up-to-date idea of how best to achieve them, our SEO packages are not only individually tailored but the strategies in them are data-driven and constantly updated to reflect what the data tells us.

We provide a wide range of digital marketing services with experts in each to ensure that whatever you need, we’re able to support you to the same high standard.

If you’d like to know more, want to discuss a consultation or are looking to develop a plan based on our site audit, you can easily reach us on 01524 510570 or at [email protected].

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