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City Tram in Sheffield

Part of the Core Cities UK group, Sheffield is recognised as one of the most important English cities outside of London, with a steadily reviving economy spearheaded by initiatives across a variety of industries and supported by the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

Many businesses in the area are poised for massive growth – but to achieve that requires a higher profile, and today, that means a strong digital marketing plan.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a catchall term for all online marketing and promotion, including search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search advertising (pay per click or PPC) and other techniques.

At its best, two or more of these techniques are used in tandem with one another, to improve the results of each; however, that doesn’t mean that every client of a digital marketing firm requires the same exact balance.

Data Driven Decisions

At Novi.Digital we consider a strong relationship with each of our clients to be the greatest asset we can have in supporting them. By finding out your specific goals for each aspect of your online marketing – working with you to choose the most appropriate targets – we create a plan. Then we sit down to analyse all available data on your online performance (setting up better data tracking if necessary) and devise the most effective ways to beat those targets.

We regularly return to the data, checking to see if new strategies are becoming effective or previous tactics have reached their limits – and we keep in touch with you, too, to see whether your goals are changing as the marketing campaign picks up steam or whether new avenues are opening for you.

This data- and client- focused approach has earned us strong support from clients in a wide range of industries and across the North UK and elsewhere.

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We offer all new inquiries a free site audit, consultation, and proposal. If you want to know how a data driven approach can improve your online presence, call us on 01524 566 736 or email us at [email protected] – we’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

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