Google Ads Shopping Feed Management

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Google Shopping has become an increasingly important tool for e-commerce businesses. Our Google Ads Shopping Feed Management service helps businesses optimise the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns to improve profit.

How does our service work?

  1. Firstly, we ensure that your product data is compatible with Google Merchant Centre.
  2. Following this, we then continually optimise the Product Title and Product Description for optimal performance.
  3. Next, we ensure that we only ever bid the correct amount for maximum profitability.
  4. We constantly refine campaigns to ensure that your campaigns always show for the most appropriate search queries.
  5. As part of the build process, we use negatives and carefully structured SPAG (Single Product Ad Groups) we ensure the best performance possible.
  6. During set up, we ensure that your products are always listed in the correct categories.
  7. Our team also works in partnership with third-parties such as and the Google Comparison Shopping Services to achieve even better results.

As a data-driven agency that has managed millions in ad spend across our managed PPC services, our team focus on the metrics that matter. For us, this means to generate your company a high level of ROI from day one.

What are Google Shopping Feeds?

When it comes to Google Shopping, there are two key aspects that come into play: Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. To run a shopping campaign on Google Ads, you must have your CMS platform’s e-commerce plugin connected to Google Merchant Centre.

Ensuring that the information that goes through Google Merchant Centre is correctly formatted and optimised can be rather complicated. Our management of Google Shopping campaigns centre around optimisation of your product feed. There are two kinds of feed: Primary Feeds and Supplemental Feeds.

Primary Feed

The primary feed is fundamental to adding and removing products in Google Merchant Center along with country targeting. When a primary feed contains optimised data from your e-commerce plugin, this is the only feed that is required.

  • Add or remove products and their data.
  • Include product ratings as stars next to items.
  • Location and language targeting.
  • Set up feed rules to meet product data specifications.

Supplemental Feed

These feeds are a secondary data source for Google Merchant Center that can be used to enrich their primary feed. These feeds can only be used alongside primary feeds and cannot be the main source of product data. With these feeds, you can:

  • Add or modify product data and labels.
  • Replace item attributes, such as titles, links, and more.
  • Add missing unique product identifiers (GTINs).
  • Fix any product errors identified in Merchant Center.

Our Google Ads Feed Management service fundamentally works by ensuring all products on e-commerce platforms meet Google product data specifications. This means that all products fed into Google are optimised for Shopping campaigns. At, our team will work with you to ensure that profit margins are understood. This ensures that we bid the correct cost per acquisition of each product for maximum ROI.

Innovative Tools

Unlike other advertising campaigns, Google Shopping Ads do not use keywords. Rather, they rely on search queries aligned to product categorisation and product information. To help us stay ahead, we have developed our own proprietary software that is exclusive to our clients.

Here are some examples:

  • Our search term analysis tool, Forager, allows us to establish which words work best. We use this insight to inform the naming of each product in terms of title and description.
  • Our bid optimisation tool, Metronome, enables us to bid appropriately for location, device and audience.
  • Using, Captivise, we set a desired margin per-product to maximise profitability.

Merchant Promotions

Beyond optimising products and fixing errors in your feeds, we are also able to work with you to develop a Merchant Promotions strategy. As shoppers tend to utilise Google to find the best deals, we recommend using Merchant Promotions in feeds to highlight offers.

Merchant Promotions can be set up as site-wide promotions or restricted to certain products. Promotions can be incredibly useful for improving traffic to your site while increasing revenue. As part of our management, we work with you to develop promotion strategies that focus on your KPIs. These should focus on:

  • More Conversions.
  • Improved cost-per-conversion.
  • Increased conversion-rates.
  • Optimal costs-per-click (CPC).
  • Better ROI.

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