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Why Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Methods?

Recently, at our Launch Event for novi, we had the unique opportunity to talk with industry colleagues, clients, and – most importantly – interested parties who we might not otherwise have had the opportunity to speak to.

As Matt Mitchell, a Team Leader here, pointed out in his workshop on online content, one of the reasons novi stress that we’re data-driven is that analysis of this data doesn’t just tell you about the potential customers who come to your website – it tells you about the ones who don’t find it, the opportunities you don’t necessarily know you’re missing.

Meeting these interested guests at our event gave us the chance to engage with perspectives we might not otherwise have seen. It reminded us that not everyone understands what makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing.

Getting to Know You

The biggest differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing all stem from the greatest advantage digital marketing has over traditional marketing; we can monitor and analyse the response to our marketing in real time.

The amount of data available on visitors to a website and how they behave while they’re there is astonishing, and it continues to grow.

We can see how a campaign is working as it happens; we can adjust organic SEO efforts, see where on the site CRO techniques are most needed, and retarget PPC advertising campaigns as they happen, basing our decisions not on instinct but on real information and experience.

Email marketing can be tested and refined on small groups before the bulk of the mailing list sees it, and not only that, we can break down our emails and adjust them to focus on specific demographics within that mailing list.

Direct to the Market

Consider the effort involved in sending different, targeted mailers to individual demographics in the heyday of postal advertising. Multiple orders to the printer you’re working with. Careful monitoring of addresses. A more complex service arrangement with the postal service.

Now think about broadcast advertising; again, it reaches everyone watching that TV channel or tuned to that radio station. You can identify shows which have a similar audience to your target demographic, but there’s always an interface.

One of the true beauties of digital marketing is that there’s no barrier between you and your customer base. You deal directly with them – and when they respond, you know immediately which of your efforts they responded to. You can see what’s successful and what isn’t, and respond accordingly.

Using data analysis you may discover whole audiences you didn’t expect – and you’ll be able to react to that as soon as you find out, incorporating that knowledge into your strategy and getting word to them instantly rather than waiting for the opening to launch a new campaign for them.

An Evolving Industry

Digital marketing continues to change and evolve as the industry grows. Data analysis offers us continually deeper posts into markets, and developing technology opens up new avenues for reaching them.

Traditional advertising is a powerful tool, and we won’t criticise it. However, digital marketing is a whole toolkit, flexible and effective.

If you want to find out what new opportunities are on the horizon, we invite you to join us as we push the boundaries.

You can email us at [email protected], contact us here, or call 01524 566 736. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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