offer Free and Low-Cost Marketing Support for Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

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Digital marketing agency,, are offering performance-based SEO and PPC marketing to businesses in sectors most affected by the global health crisis.

In response to the coronavirus health crisis, are offering their PPC and SEO management services for significantly reduced rates to businesses that may be facing uncertain times ahead.

Aaron Crewe, Managing Director, commented:

‘Sustainability is a core value at Sustainability inside of a business begins with individual wellbeing but extends to the way businesses work together in the economy, more broadly. That is why, as an agency, we have decided to offer our services at a heavily subsidised rate to businesses that have been and will be affected most by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. As such, we are trying to create solutions to serve businesses as best we can’

The company has stated that this highly subsidised performance-based service will be offered to affected sectors for a small retainer of £100 + VAT per month, simply to cover admin costs. The performance-based element will be on a cost-per-lead basis at a rate agreed with the client, meaning that payment is based on results of the campaigns.

In addition to this, novi are offering free SEO audits, free PPC audits, free UX audits and free consultancy calls to any business within the most affected sectors, these include:

  • Events
  • Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourism are also extending this offering to high-priority sectors, incorporating:

  • Health and Healthcare
  • Baby Products
  • Industrial and Business Products
  • Grocery and Food Produce

Ethan Giles, Senior Operations Manager at the agency, said:

‘As a form of inbound marketing, we strongly believe that SEO and PPC is best-placed for helping get the economy back on its feet in the face of the ongoing crisis. Unlike outbound marketing (such as telesales or email), the service that we are providing for affected businesses is based entirely on benefiting from existing demand. This means that clients will only pay when leads are generated.’

Beyond the heavily reduced services that the agency are offering, has also made it clear that they will also be offering any assistance it can to NHS and healthcare workers (including nursing homes), in the form of remote training in any digital areas, or any way that they can.

Freelancers will also be offered work opportunities with the agency. Those that join as part of the network will help manage any work overflow that will result from new clients that the agency is able to assist.

Please also mention that we will be launching further initiatives for our clients in due course and for any business interested in unique and innovative ideas to get in touch.

Aaron Crewe said:

‘As a digital marketing agency with a number of revenue streams, we are in a privileged position to be able to continue trading throughout these conditions. That’s why we are keen to offer up any assistance we can so that businesses are able to keep their heads above water during this difficult time. We are working on a number of initiatives with clients currently that will be launched shortly but we are also open to working with other businesses that get in touch on any unique ideas they may have.’ are keen to support businesses in any way they can and are extending this offer to clients they work with in the Health and Safety and Productivity Software space who have also offered their help to businesses alongside

To find out more about the service on offer and for all PR enquiries, contact our team over email or over the phone on 0333 090 4442.


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