CRO Audit Services

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We approach our CRO audit service to give our clients a roadmap to success. Using detailed data analysis, we lay out ways to engage visitors, streamline the customer journey, and improve the ratio of visitors who ‘convert’ into customers.

Our CRO audit is a one-off service. We bring our experience and expertise to bear on your site’s performance once visitors reach it. Our audit recommendations focus on improving your site’s effectiveness in selling your services or products.

Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

We also offer SEO and PPC audits. Refinements to SEO and PPC will increase the number of visitors to your site. Implementing multiple audits produces a much greater ROI. It would be best to consider various audits to shape an overall digital marketing strategy.

CRO Optimisation Check

For your audit, we’ll:

  • Analyse data on user behaviour on the site.
  • Identify pages or performance issues which act as roadblocks on the customer journey.
  • Discuss with you and review data to identify critical products or services, loss leaders, and other significant items.
  • Review page content to ensure each stage on typical customer journeys has a page which leads smoothly to the next.
  • Assess site menu structure and other navigation layout questions to ensure it’s always easy to proceed.
  • Identify critical pages to optimise.
  • Review outreach and linking practices. Consider how conventional marketing measures and external links affect the customer journey.
  • Create recommendations to ensure the site supports visitors brought in by specific outreach paths.

Personalised Recommendations

An effective CRO strategy is one that’s tailored directly to the site. We’ll take the time to understand your company mission and how it affects your goals for your site. Our recommendations will be tailored to those goals.

Our audits are as personalised as the work done in our long-term service contracts. We know our customers deserve an edge over their competition. We want to be that edge.

To book an audit or find out more, get in touch. We look forward to it.

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