Helps Maximise Overseas Sales

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In partnership with the Department of International Trade (DIT), will present a workshop at the Barton Grange Hotel starting at 9am on Wednesday the 18th October on the topic of developing an online marketing presence to target sales overseas.

Aaron Crewe, our Managing Director, will lead the workshop and cover the key ways to engage overseas customers through online marketing, especially when breaking into new markets.

We’ll look at ways to identify, analyse, and use local and global trends, managing language and culture as presented by your website, tools and techniques for market research – and how to combine all of these to plan, implement, and drive digital marketing campaigns that work.

This is a unique introduction to the online tools and opportunities available in international sales through digital marketing, in SEO, in PPC, and through CRO and UX techniques.

“ works and has worked with many clients who deal internationally and several based outside the UK,” Aaron said. “We’ve developed the experience and the expertise to know what works for trading online internationally and where you need to tailor your approach to a specific market.

“We’re looking forward to this opportunity to help other businesses develop that capacity and to improve their international trade. As we’ve experienced with many of our clients, it’s a great way to improve your business’ reach.”

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