Featured Client: DIY Engine Parts

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novi.digital proudly introduces an irregular series of Featured Client spotlights; our first featured client is DIY Engine Parts – let us introduce you!

Meet the Client

DIY Engine Parts went live in the middle of last year and has steadily been growing in popularity. Why? Not just because of the work we’ve done but because when visitors arrive at the site they find something special.

Selling Points

DIY Engine Parts’ ideal customer is anyone with a lawnmower, chainsaw, or other power equipment. These all see heavy use, especially through the summer months into autumn, and while they’re hardwearing items, they’re also complex machines. Sooner or later a sparkplug, a gasket, a spring, or even a lawnmower gearbox fail or break.

When that happens, it’s much cheaper and more sensible to replace the failed part, not the entire lawnmower – but for many, that kind of technical operation is daunting.

The Solution

DIY Engine Parts sells to both experienced mechanics who know the score and novices whose first piece of power equipment just made a worrying sound and stopped working. At the heart of their service are their interactive parts diagrams.

Finding your machine in the index makes it easy to pick out the part that’s broken and get the part number for order; you can also browse their selection of tools and manuals, service kits, and even oil and fuel additives, so you can finish a replacement after an order from this team with your machine working better than ever.

Proud Partnership

We’ve worked with the people behind DIY Engine Parts for some time before this particular site was launched, and we’ve been proud to call them our partners for a long time. That’s why we’re happy to make them the first Featured Client at novi.



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