Free SEO Report

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Establishing SEO errors can often be the best place to start when you begin your SEO campaign. As part of an initial consultation, we can provide a Free SEO Report on your website. This will enable you to fix such issues by providing you with a complete breakdown of all errors.  

What’s included in our Free SEO Report

We include the following aspects in your SEO report and we can produce a report for either your website, or your competitor’s website.

As part of of our free SEO report, we review your website to establish what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed. Most importantly, our SEO report acts as an SEO healthcheck. This allows us to establish why your website may not be performing, alongside a checklist of what we can do to improve it.

We can also provide you with a list of your search rankings on Google and Bing should you wish. For a search performance report, we need access to Search Console in order to do this.

Our SEO crawling tool will scan your website to look for broken links, crawl issues and duplication. The report will also give you a complete list of the aspects that need to be fixed to help improve your SEO.

We can also provide the report in any format of your choosing including pdf, excel or word.

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Monthly SEO Reports come as standard with our managed service

We include SEO reports as standard with all of our SEO management services. Within our monthly SEO Report, we also include a breakdown of all of the work that we’ve implemented during the previous month. Our Monthly SEO Report utilises Moz, Raven Tools, Google Search Console and Google Analytics to provide data. Throughout the report we provide analysis and summary of the website to detail where improvements should be made.

If you are interested in managed SEO services, please feel free to get in touch and speak with our team.