Shortlisted for Google Premier Partner Awards 2017

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The Premier Partner Awards 2017 are Google Partner’s flagship global platforms award, made for recognising and celebrating top performing Google Premier Partners from across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Innovating in Search have been shortlisted for the Search Innovation Award category.  Those who are shortlisted for this category are chosen because of their foresight and innovation in and dedication to search advertising.

Building for the Future

“This is a tremendous achievement, we’ve been striving to build a reputable, hard-working and client-focused agency since day one. Being shortlisted for such a prestigious award really acknowledges our efforts,” Managing Director Aaron Crewe remarked. “This is a fitting testimony to their constant hard work and dedication to our company’s vision, and we’re all delighted to be a part of this award, especially as the scope is global – we’ve been recognised as among the best in the EMEA.

“We constantly strive for innovation in the way we operate and the services we provide our clients. Over the past year we’ve really focused on what sets us apart as a digital marketing agency and maximised our understanding of Google.

“The team approach each day with the passion and drive that has propelled us into a period of great potential. This nomination has been a sign that we’re achieving the quality of service that we always intended, and we’re sure we’re going to continue growing in the future.”

The Award Winners for Europe, Middle East and Africa will be announced at Google Partners Accelerate in Dublin on the 7th September.

The Bottom Line

Here at, we’re always asking ‘but what’s the end result?’ We never lose sight of the goals our clients actually have, and we ask this question to make sure that everything we do will contribute. So what’s the end result of this shortlisting?

We’re inspired. We’re pushing harder to live up to the achievement of the nomination – and the results our clients are seeing show what we can do when we’re inspired.

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