Microsoft Clarity Management

Are you wondering how you can best develop your website to create a user-friendly experience? Microsoft Clarity software records and analyses user behaviour in detail so you can make the right decisions about your website.

If users cannot find the information they need or if your website has coding errors, these are things you need to know about. Addressing these problems promptly and effectively will improve customer relations and help convert more website visitors into customers.

If you need support to make your website really work for the people who use it, can help you with effective Microsoft Clarity management. We will deliver the information you need and help optimise your website. We manage the software and understand the insights on behalf of our clients, making sure you can get the essential insights you need.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a free user behaviour analytics service from Microsoft that’s fully GDPR compliant. Using features such as heatmaps and session replays, Clarity provides you with greater insight into how users interact with your business’ website. It’s a useful tool if you’re aiming to create a more user-friendly experience on your site. By better understanding the user’s experience, you can make informed decisions about implementing changes and improvements to your website.

Clarity works on any scale; it can be used for even the largest and busiest websites without affecting the performance of the site. Microsoft Clarity processes more than one peytabyte of data every month and doesn’t put caps on website traffic. Whether your business is large or small, can help you to understand the experience and needs of your website users through Microsoft Clarity management.

How is Microsoft Clarity set up?

Clarity is designed with ease of use in mind. To get started:

• Visit the Microsoft Clarity site and sign up

• Create a project and complete your website’s details, including its URL

• Add the Clarity JavaScript to your website

User insights should then be available within 1-2 hours.

What reports are available with Microsoft Clarity management?

Microsoft Clarity offers a number of key reports of user behaviour that help businesses to gain an in-depth understanding into user patterns on their website. These include:

• Clickmaps – indicating which parts of your site users click on, helping you to understand which parts of your site get the most user interaction. This helps to identify whether the site meets the needs of your business.

• Scrollmaps – showing how far your users scroll down the page, which indicates how easily users can access the information they want to find. These insights can be valuable for structuring your website content in a user-friendly way.

• Session playbacks – view the behaviour of a user in real time to see exactly what they do on your site.

We’re highly experienced at analysing and understanding Microsoft Clarity insights, delivering our clients the vital information they really need to know to make their website as effective and intuitive as possible. As part of our Microsoft Clarity management, we provide you with regular tailored reports and updates that sift through all the data to give you the most important details. Based on the insights from Clarity, we can make effective recommendations about how to move forward with your website.

We appreciate that behaviour analytics can be difficult to understand, and at we’re committed to delivering you insights with total clarity. We’ll help you to understand what your reports really mean so you can put changes into action with confidence.

How does Microsoft Clarity help with consultancy?

Our Microsoft Clarity management and consultancy service is a valuable asset if you’re aiming to gain a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of your website users. The software’s features concentrate in detail on particular patterns of behaviour, giving a thorough insight into the user experience on your website. All of this is backed up by real data. Clarity’s insights are valuable for a wide range of website design purposes:

• Knowing how to structure content

• Knowing where to place important information for visibility and ease of use

• Identifying where to place CTAs and links

• Increasing interaction on your site

• Understanding what users find most and least engaging

Get in touch with novi can support your business with knowledgeable Microsoft Clarity management and reliable guidance about what your site needs. By letting us take care of managing the software and understanding the metrics, you can concentrate on developing your website to offer an improved user experience. To discuss our services further please get in touch.