Microsoft Clarity Training

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Microsoft Clarity Training 

Learn how to effectively use Microsoft Clarity to gain invaluable insight into your users by undertaking one of the training courses offered here at

Understanding the behaviour of your users is integral to increasing traffic to your site and, by extension, improving the likelihood of converting those visitors into paying customers. As a free analytical tool created by Microsoft, Clarity provides you with a wide range of metrics including user engagement and activities – down to where a user clicks and when they pause scrolling for a second. Clarity is intuitive and, thanks to its filtering system, you can quickly locate the data you need. Despite the intimacy of the understanding you’ll gain of your users’ activity, Microsoft Clarity is a tool that maintains their privacy at the same time.

Microsoft Clarity is comprised of three key features; these are Heatmaps, Session Playback, and the Insights Dashboard. At, we offer training courses in Microsoft Clarity that will teach you everything there is to know about this powerful new tool, and how you can utilise it effectively within your marketing strategies.

Who should attend the Microsoft Clarity training courses

Here at, our Microsoft Clarity training courses are designed for those who hold a basic or intermediate understanding of the tool and how to use it. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to integrate the tool into their business analytics or marketing strategies, with the aim of using the data to reflect and improve on current practices. It’s also ideal for those looking to launch or refresh a career in marketing in general, as Clarity’s tools give you a transparent view of your site’s engagement. The courses allow for both practical and theoretical training, with plenty of hands-on tasks to complete.

Why is the Microsoft Clarity course worth completing?

If you’re a marketer, business owner, or work in any analytical or customer-facing tool, then Microsoft Clarity is an essential tool to be adding to your kit. It offers many advantages, including the following:


One of the primary purposes of any website is to rank well in terms of SEO. Microsoft Clarity helps you to improve your SEO thanks to its Heatmaps feature. Heatmaps allow you to see the exact path taken by every user, including where they click, scroll down to, and leave the site. By analyzing the data gained from Heatmaps, you can see what areas of your site are gaining the most attention and work on improving the areas that are doing the weakest.


Some other analytical tools prove to be ineffective because they compile mass amounts of data with no efficient way to filter through it. Microsoft Clarity differs from this as it filters through your site’s results and categorises them in a range of ways. This includes the filters of ‘dead clicks’, ‘rage clicks’ as well as common filters such as choice of browser, country, OS, and more.


At the heart of any analytics tool, you want to glean the maximum information while minimising the invasion of your users’ privacy. Microsoft is GDR-compliant, which means that by extension, the data controls of Clarity are too. This means that you can obtain actionable information from your audience without violating their privacy – the best outcome possible for both you and your users.

After completing the Microsoft Clarity course, you will:

– Have detailed knowledge of what Microsoft Clarity is and how it works.
– Improve your site’s SEO and PPC as a result of utilising the three core features of Clarity.
– Be able to use Microsoft Clarity as part of your business and site analytics.
– Process the data gained from Microsoft Clarity and use it to gain an understanding of your audience.

All of our Microsoft Clarity training courses here at are taught by experts with detailed knowledge of the tool. By enrolling on our course, you’ll be learning from those that have worked with Clarity in real situations. Our training is carried out across the UK, including our base in Lancaster.

Enrol on the Microsoft Clarity training course today is among the UK’s leading specialist digital marketing agencies. By enrolling on our Microsoft clarity training courses, you’ll quickly and effectively be able to use the analytical tool for a range of purposes, be it site redesign, SEO purposes, or developing new marketing materials and strategies based on how well your current site is performing with users.

Pricing of our Microsoft Clarity Training:
– On-Site Training Day (client location) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £720 + VAT
– Off-Site Training Day ( 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £660 + VAT
– External Training Day (Regus office or similar) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £840 + VAT
– Remote Training: Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £500 + VAT
– Remote Training: Half-Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £280 + VAT
– Remote Training: per hour 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £90 + VAT per hour

You will get a Certificate of Completion upon finishing your Microsoft Clarity training course with us.