Joins the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime

LANPAC brings local businesses and public services together with the police to reduce crime and disorder across the county

This unique collaboration works to support crime prevention and community safety schemes across Lancashire – ones the local police have submitted on behalf of the local community.

LANPAC’s efforts are directed firmly at projects which each area actually needs, allocating funds only where they can do most good. Their website also maintains a series of pages of advice on staying safe from the kinds of crime we’re often threatened by but unsure how to prevent.

Over £1 million is being allocated to projects across the county, making a real difference for the community is based in.

“I firmly believe that a business is a community within a community,” said Managing Director Aaron Crewe. “We, many of our clients, our friends and our family – we all benefit from a safer, happier Lancashire, and that makes projects like LANPAC well worth supporting.

“It’s important to us in the team that this isn’t just about catching criminals but is about reducing crime to begin with. That seems like the best way to really keep our communities safe and feeling safe.”

LANPAC is also currently promoting nominations for the High Sheriff of Lancashire’s Young Citizen of the Year Award 2017.



Al Yusuf, LANPAC Manager

T: 01772 412796 E: [email protected]

Aaron Crewe, MD

T: 01524 510570 E: [email protected]