Novi.Digital SEO Platform scam

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Novi.Digital SEO Platform scam

Novi.Digital SEO Platform scam

Have you been contacted by someone on WhatsApp claiming to be from Novi.Digital?

Individuals have recently reported receiving fraudulent job offers from entities impersonating Novi.Digital, promising lucrative remote work in data analysis or SEO optimisation.  Victims appear to have suffered financial losses and are being coerced into further investments by scammers. These offers are entirely false and have no affiliation with Novi Digital.

This is a scam; do not engage with the process. 


Does Novi.Digital have an SEO Platform that you can deposit money into?

No, Novi.Digital Ltd does not have an SEO platform where you can deposit money. The company specialises in SEO and PPC services but does not operate any platform requiring monetary deposits from clients for SEO services. Any claims of such a platform linked to Novi.Digital should be treated with caution and considered part of a scam not connected to or affiliated with the company. As part of the process, the scammers are asking individuals to deposit funds to be paid for conducting tasks or similar.

What is task scamming?

Task scamming is a fraudulent scheme where scammers assign tasks or jobs to individuals with the promise of payment upon completion. However, once the tasks are completed, the scammers either do not pay or pay less than promised. Often, these tasks involve sharing personal information, making purchases, or performing other actions that can lead to financial loss or identity theft for the victims. The primary intention is to exploit the victims’ time and resources without providing the promised compensation.

Why are the scammers claiming to be connected with Novi.Digital Ltd?

Scammers are claiming to be connected with Novi.Digital Ltd to exploit the company’s established reputation and credibility. By associating themselves with a legitimate and reputable business, the scammers aim to gain trust quickly and appear more convincing, thereby increasing the likelihood that potential victims will engage with the scam and comply with their requests, leading to financial losses for the individuals deceived.

What should the individuals do?

Individuals who have encountered this scam should:

  1. Cease Communication: Immediately stop all interactions with the scammers. Do not share any information with scammers.
  2. Document Everything: Keep records of all communications, including emails, messages, and any other correspondence, along with any transactions made.
  3. Report the Scam:
    • Report to local law enforcement authorities.
    • Report to national fraud and cybercrime reporting centres (e.g., Action Fraud in the UK).
  1. Seek Legal Advice: Consult with a legal professional to understand the options for potential recovery of losses and to protect oneself from further liability.
  2. Secure Personal Information: Change passwords and monitor unusual activity for credit reports and bank accounts. Inform your bank.
  3. Raise Awareness: Consider sharing the experience in relevant communities to warn others about the scam.

Note: If you reference Ltd, make sure to make it clear that this company is not associated with the claims and that all claims are false – linking to this page to help to make others aware. Any inaccurate or factually incorrect claims made against Ltd will be considered defamation, and individuals or companies may be liable to legal action.

What can be done?

You can contact Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre, to document the scam. They provide an online reporting tool and assist those affected by fraud and cybercrime. Visit their website at Action Fraud for more information and to file a report.

How can Novi.Digital Ltd help?

Legally, Novi.Digital Ltd is not liable for the scam as there’s no vicarious liability; they neither authorised nor had knowledge of the fraudulent acts. The principle of ‘no liability without fault’ applies, meaning liability arises only when one’s conduct or negligence contributes to the harm. Novi.Digital’s role is limited to informing, aiding investigations, and possibly pursuing defamation or trademark infringement claims if their branding is misused, but they are not responsible for losses incurred by third-party criminal activities. Novi.Digital will endeavour to report all legitimate findings to the police and in a timely fashion. As this activity relates to personal information, will not entertain discussions directly with individuals, as any communication may be deemed a phishing exercise.

What has Novi.Digital done to prevent this activity?

Upon learning about the misuse of their branding in this sophisticated global scam, NoviDigital has been investigating the matter. The company will continue to communicate with legal and police authorities to address and provide support to aid in resolving this fraudulent scheme where it is required. This blog post has been and will be continually shared across our social media accounts and forums where beneficial to the broader general public.