What Can You Expect?

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At novi.digital we prioritise building a strong relationship with our clients. It’s this strong relationship that helps us to understand your goals. Embracing your goals as our own helps us drive forward with you to achieve a mutually successful relationship.

Around the office, our teams are just as likely to refer to a client by the names of the people working there as we are by the name of the business itself. We’ve found that working as closely with our clients as we do internally builds strong connections and a shared success.

Keeping this positive connection with our clients is central to the way we work. It’s much easier to keep up-to-date with what your business needs when both sides of the relationship are happy and everyone understands everyone else’s role.

As a client, you can expect us to maintain regular contact with our teams using email, phone calls, and a visit to you at your place of business, as well as meetings here at our Lancaster University head office. We know through years of experience that a face-to-face meeting is one of the best ways to discuss matters quickly and clearly, and we also know that regular contact helps both sides to stimulate ideas and to create solutions when everyone is in the same room.

novi are at our best when you think of us as another division of your business, working to develop your online presence. We offer a full range of services including SEO, PPC, CRO, affiliate marketing, email marketing and much more, helping to promote awareness of your brand and to make it more attractive to visitors when they encounter it.

Everything we discuss will be kept entirely confidential and we highlight this throughout the use of NDAs to help protect our clients. We’re keen for our clients to feel comfortable talking about any topic that might be relevant to our work together. Entirely new initiatives can grow out of a chance comment, after all.

For Agencies and partners, our partnership program is just one of the ways we push for strength in numbers. Whilst we have a growing team of internal full-time experts, we focus our skills on data-driven digital aspects, and partner with experts in their own respective fields.